When 4 Becomes 3

July 27, 2016

When Friends Break Up

Relationships don’t always last.  Couples drift apart, situations change or, one of them can just be a complete knob.  I get this.

What I don’t get is how I am supposed to cope when I dearly love both those people who don’t love each other any more!

Yes, I know it’s heartbreaking for them, an awful difficult time, but it’s also a really hard time for me!

These are your mates.  Your pals.  You are a foursome.  And when that changes, things can become really shitty!

Suddenly, there’s negotiating.  There’s a BBQ on the weekend, we want to invite Bob, but will Susan be upset he’s there?  Can we invite them both?  We’d love to ask 5 year old Johnny round to play, but who’s he with this weekend?  Will Susan think it’s weird I’m popping over to Bob’s place to make sure he’s ok?

Sheesh, it’s a political minefield – and these are your friends!!

And that, is what makes it all so hard.  If one of them isn’t a knob & you still love them both the same, things can get really tricky.

These two, once loving, inseparable friends who joined you for a mid week takeaway with the kids after netball training, invited you over for Friday night drinks & came on family holidays camping, now just don’t want to do that with each other, they don’t want to do that with you either anymore!

They might not be a couple anymore, but you’re not a foursome anymore either.  And you still love them both the same.  Wah!  The injustice of it all.

And while Bob & Susan need time to re-group, re-settle & move on, so do you.  You need to find out how this new friendship is going to work.

I’m guessing that honesty is the best policy & letting them know that you don’t want to make things difficult for them is the best way to go.

Have you dealt with a couple on couple break up?  How did you handle it?

P.S. – a big sorry to Bob & Susan for using your sad story as my own.  I love you both very much……. sob!







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