Top Three Frocks – Episode 8 The Bachelor Australia 2016

August 19, 2016

The Bachelor Best Dressed

Yep, we’re down to a Top Three!  The Rose Ceremony outfits are getting me down, so I’m limiting my choices to just 3, so we can get some sort of quality happening here!

What did you think of the dresses last night?  Was it just me, or was there a bit of a gothic theme going on???!!!

Number 1 – Olena

I’m starting to realise that Olena would look smoking in a paper bag.  Anything this girl puts on looks good on her.  And once again, the down played, subtle styling ensures this outfit doesn’t overwhelm her.

Best Dressed the bachelor Olena

Crop and Skirt – Amy Taylor

Earrings – Salsuli

Bracelet – JY Jewels

Shoes – Tony Bianco

Number 2 – Kiki

Who would’ve thought that our little “peasant” Kiki would keep popping up on the best dressed list?  I think it’s because she’s so comfortable in her skin that she wears the outfits, she doesn’t let the outfits wear her!  By the way this Amber Chloe dress is currently on sale – it’s silver, leather, with pockets!  What’s not to love?

Best Dressed the bachelor kiki

Dress – Amber Chloe

Bangle and Earrings – Pushmataaha

Shoes – Steve Madden

Number 3 – Rachael

Thankfully Rachael has covered up a little tonight!  She’s got a gorgeous body but she seems to think that letting it all hang out is the way to go.  I think for her, subtle is a much better option!

Best dressed the bachelor Rachael

Dress – Sheike

Ring and Cuff – Love from Venus

Earrings – Adorne

Shoes – Novo Shoes

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