To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo

April 8, 2015



That is the question!  I recently read a magazine article about the writer having a tattoo removed from her ankle that was causing her grief, she really regretted it!  It posed the question – did you have a tattoo you regret?  The answer is yes, I have a tattoo, but it’s not one I regret thankfully!

I’m pretty sure that I am one of the few of my friends that actually have a tattoo.  It meant a lot to me when I got it & the story still holds a place in my heart.  The placement is not great, but, it is somewhere that doesn’t get seen by anyone else on a daily basis, or me for that matter (it’s on the base of my spine, the traditional “tramp stamp”!) so it remains something pretty personal to me.

My husband I & I got matching tattoos while on holiday in New Zealand, twelve years ago now.  We got a traditional Maori symbol, Hei Matau, the fish hook.  It’s a symbol of prosperity, good luck, abundance, good health & safe passage over water.  What’s not to relate to there!?  It was an image that had a personal importance to both of us at the time.  We were also doing crazy stuff in NZ that we wouldn’t normally do, helicoptering onto glaciers, jet boating, bungee jumping, why not add tattoo into the mix!?

Robbie Williams was playing at the oval opposite our tattoo shop that night & I can clearly remember the rush of fear, skulling a beer at the pub next door & listening to support band Duran Duran’s Eye of the Tiger drifting over to us before we went in.  Elation!!  Fear!!  Excitement!!!

And then it’s done!  That fleeting pain, that rush of adrenaline.  It’s over & you feel like everyone you pass in the street KNOWS that you just got a tatt!!  Of course they don’t & we very calmly, but inwardly excitedly, went & had sashimi for dinner.

So, no.  I don’t regret my tattoo & I can’t imagine ever getting it removed.  It’s part of me now.

Do you have a tattoo?  Do you wish you did or do you live with constant regret?  I love those rockabilly chicks with the old school sailor tattoos – what would you get if you could?

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