Picnic Clothing Style Session with Andrea Tonkin

May 18, 2016

Style Session with

Picnic Clothing is a West Australian brand that has been offering Perth women affordable, on trend, locally made & designed clothing for over 30 years.  With 6 retail stores throughout Perth (& an online store) Picnic is my go to for quality pieces that fit my lifestyle & friendly, genuine in store staff.

The Picnic range is perfect for my casual but sometimes hectic lifestyle.  I particularly love Picnic’s range of brilliant basics which I can always incorporate into the current season’s trends.  Each season’s collection also extends to perfect pieces for lunch with the girls or a dressed up date night!

I was lucky enough to attend a styling workshop held at my local Picnic store at Karrinyup Shopping Centre recently.  I was even more chuffed to find that it was being styled by one of Perth’s premier stylists & a personal fave style icon, Andrea Tonkin from (I stalk Andrea’s instagram account daily!)

Andrea had organised an edit of her favourite pieces from the current Picnic collection & styled them using Picnic staff as her models.  This was especially effective, it was awesome to see the outfits on “real women” rather than models (the exception being Picnic’s fave muse the gorgeous Annika) & made the pieces more accessible, especially incorporating Andrea’s trademark personal style.

Here are a few pieces of sage advice I gleaned from Andrea.



Andrea is a big fan of using layering to create texture & movement.  Don’t be limited to scarves, shirts & cardigans can be also be tied around your neck & shoulders as shawls & wraps.  Shirts & cardigans can also be tied around your waist.  Layering jackets, shirts & this seasons must have piece the long line vest over t-shirts is another way to layer your outfit & create interest easily.



Don’t feel like you have to have one!  This particularly resonated with me.  Today you want to wear military & tough, tomorrow your channelling your inner flower child & dressed in head to toe boho.  Go for it.  Wear pieces you love!



This might be a tricky one to get your head around, but sometimes it’s better to wear a size bigger than you normally would.  Particularly when it comes to this season’s overshirts & to achive a great layered look.  Many of the girls modelling on the day wore tops a size up from what they’d wear normally.  Don’t think about the number on the tag, wear what works!



Lucky for me, I’m all about sneakers & so is Andrea!  These are especially great if you’re on your feet a lot.  They are on trend, comfy & come in a variety of colours.  Andrea did warn that the ankle sneaker does shorten your leg, so unless you’re tall, stick to the normal sneaker shoe!  Andrea also mentioned how flattering an open toe is, even in Winter – not sure how I’d go with that one!



A little like the layering, Andrea is big into tucking!  The front of your tee, one side of your shirt, how about a dress tucked up a little into the belt – a maxi to a middi – awesome versatility & another way to achieve that layering of textures.


When Andrea had finished with her style session we all got to go shopping!

I picked up a great pair of pants, the Vienna.  I’ve been looking for something just like them for a long time.  (I’m going to share them with you in another post soon!)

I also picked up the Asymmetrical Jumper in my current fave shade, grey – so gorgeous I would have bought a couple if they’d had some in other colours!  I couldn’t resist the Lucinda Puffer Vest with it’s cute polka dot lining too!  Perfect for Saturday sport on the sidelines!

All the shoes in these pics are from Hobbs, Picnic’s partner store in crime.  What Perth girl hasn’t spent considerable time stroking shoes in Hobbs?  Oops, maybe that’s just me!

And just because you don’t live in Perth doesn’t mean you can’t tap into the Picnic goodness – they have an online store here.  Have fun!


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