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December 1, 2015

Pure Glow Pressed Juice

I recently had the pleasure to meet Jacqueline Forth.

Jacqueline is smart, funny & gorgeous.  She’s CEO & Co Founder of successful Perth business Pure Glow Cleanse.

She’s also living the dream.

Moving to Perth 4 years ago from Canada, Jacqueline was working Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) from Perth as an Engineer.  Her hours were long, the work monotonous & her health, mentally & physically was suffering.  Jacqueline started creating her own fresh juices on site & off in a bid to find some fresh, nutritious snacks to help balance her suffering diet.  She soon found her co-workers & friends were also interested in her juicing & it’s benefits.

Jacqueline then met, now business partner in Pure Glow, Annette Gohl, another soul searching for an alternative lifestyle away from the stresses of city living.  Through Annette’s blog Wellness WA, the two became friends & with their shared interest in fresh juices & the lifestyle possibilities their business plan could create, Pure Glow Cleanse was born.

Together Jacqueline & Annette started making a few cleanses a week which quickly turned into a growing Perth business producing thousands of juices a month.

Pure Glow use only the best fresh quality produce, state of the art cold press equipment & a dedicated team of staff members.  They aim to produce juices that will not only detox your body of unwanted toxins & chemicals, but also nourish your body & mind.

Whether the juices are a regular cleanse or a healthy & delicious drink, there’s something for every taste.  Sunrise Elixir with cucumber, lemon, aloe vera & filtered water (my personal favourite) & Good Karma with carrot, grapefruit, green apple, ginger, turmeric & lemon are just two from the Usual Suspects Range.  And how good does Watermelon Crush sound – watermelon, cucumber & lime – from their ever changing Limited Edition range.

Pure Glow is simple to use.  With a range of juice & cleanse options, online ordering & delivery to your door, there is no excuse to get started.   Jacqueline & Annette both pride themselves on their customer service & their team is always on hand to answer your questions & help you achieve your Pure Glow goals.

I’m happy to report that Jacqueline has now left FIFO & engineering far behind.  Creating her own business is the passion that keeps her motivated, inspired, fit & healthy.  Her job role is now super varied, she’s a business strategist, project manager & recipe tester!  She’s passionate about her product & how it can help people & their lives.

It was so refreshing to talk to Jacqueline & meet someone who actually took the leap, took a chance & managed to make it work.  When we spoke, Jacqueline was already planning a move from her East Perth apartment to a place down South where she could work & run Pure Glow from home, take the time to slow down & take lots more long rides on her bike.

Now that sounds perfect!

Pure Glow Jacqueline Forth

If you’d like to find out more about Pure Glow or get started straight away – you can find out everything you need to know right here.

A big thank you to Jacqueline for meeting with me & telling me her inspiring story.

Photography by Ninka Samson



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