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Hola!  Como Estas?

April 29, 2014


Brushing up on my Mexican, we’ll be spending a week in Cancun, Mexico after New York to soak up some rays, drink some tequila and possibly eat our body weight in guacamole and burritos!!

Conveniently, Lizzie and her man Will hosted a Mexican themed Housewarming party last weekend – good practice for our trip!

Lizzie is our quintessential party girl, if Lizzie aint dancing, then the party’s quite obviously a dud, or she’s really hung over from the party the night before!!  I might be exaggerating a little, but Lizzie is always the first to bust a move on the dance floor, mix the cocktails or fire us up to actually get up off the couch in the first place and find that party!  Thinking Lizzie may wear me out this trip, I’m the one that finds it the hardest to get off the couch… 😉

That’s Lizzie in the middle, with Aly & Lins.

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