Excitement Hiccups!

May 17, 2014

Our final member of the WAGS team has arrived! We were all so happy to see Cath’s smiling face arrive safe & sound in NY.

We’d had another huge day of shopping the afternoon Cath had arrived so we were leaving it up to her as to whether we’d head out for dinner or just stay close to home & take it easy.  In typical Cath style she was up for a night out & the chance to stretch her legs. So we headed out to Eataly for dinner.

Eataly is located right opposite the amazing Flatiron building (OMG NY architecture is amazing!  We are constantly gazing upward, commenting on the beauty and scale of the buildings we pass!).  Eataly is essentially an Italian food hall & market where you can buy a cheese wheel as big as a bike tyre, a jar of dried capers or a fresh squid.  You can also have a meal there, the menu depending on what area of produce you are sitting in.  We jagged a table (not easy anywhere when there are 7 of you!) in the seafood section & we all enjoyed our meals.

It’s true that the meals are all really big here, but you’ll be glad to know that we’re managing not to share, the scales however may not be so happy when we return!

Menus seem to only have Appetizers & Entrees which was a little hard to get our head around initially!

We’re also getting the hang of the wine & have tried some lovely ones from the Napa & Washington regions.

Yesterday we officially celebrated our 40th birthdays!!  It’s a day we’ve looked forward too for as long as we’ve been planning this trip & a huge thank you to LJ for all her hard work in finding & organising the most perfect place for lunch, the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park.

We started the day with our usual coffee & croissant from our local cafe, while Cath headed out for a run round Central Park in an effort to clear those Qantas cobwebs.

Then we headed back into town for a quick hour or two of shopping, starting with a look through the iconic Saks 5th Avenue.

We then got dressed in our best duds & cabbed it all the way to the flagship Tiffany’s store on 5th Avenue, where we took our time perusing the goodies before purchasing our “birthday” presents!

By now the rain was coming down (we had been getting warned about the rain that was coming on Friday all week, and here it was!), but we legged it through Central Park & had an amazing lunch, crab cakes & clam linguini the highlights of the meal.

After lunch we split up, Aly & Lizzie heading home to change while the rest of us headed to Nomad for a drink.  Unfortunately the rain meant no cabs, and Lins & Cath, & Aly & Liz ended up in rickshaws, hilarious!

Raining & tired with now very sore feet from a long day, we set out on our Rooftop Bar Tour.  Rooftop bars are the latest craze in NY as hotels start to utilise the only space they have left, the roof!  In the summertime the views from these bars are of course amazing.  Our view was not of the skyline, but the increasing clouds descending over the tops of the buildings.  That in itself was pretty cool, the cloud & fog like a roof so close you could almost touch it.

Big Brother started texting sometime during the night, all of us receiving these messages on our phones warning us of the chance of flooding!  The locals on our tour assured us that this was normal & we would not be stranded in our apartment for the next few days!

New York is big into emergency systems for obvious reasons & this was a great example of their lives now, if not a little disconcerting!

Aly & Cath headed home knackered from a long day, the rest of us kicking on, ending our night with a meal at midnight which is becoming the norm, of pizza & red wine.  Perfect end to a perfect day!


Have you been to New York?  Would you like to go?  I’d love to hear any New York tales you have to tell!

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