Everyone Loves A Wedding

August 15, 2014


I love a wedding.  Once upon a time I thought I might like to be an event planner & organise other people’s weddings for a living, what fun!  No way.  Weddings are so personal, well the good ones are.  And I was lucky enough to attend a beauty on the weekend.

It was the wedding of a wonderful friend of mine, a guy I have known since we were both 6 years old climbing trees in our front yards. A man who introduced me to my husband a hundred years ago! 

It was a perfect celebration.

The dress, the flowers, that glow.  There is nothing as moving as that first glimpse of the Bride, no matter where or when.  M was a picture of subtle sophistication.  Sigh!

The bride & groom both love & appreciate nature & the outdoors.  The wedding location was so spectacular, so beautiful it was as if they had dreamed it up themselves.

The ceremony was just the two of them, nervous, overwhelmed in the sweetest of ways and oh so in love.  Their words were heartfelt & gentle.

The reception was a party.  Family, friends, food & drink. Intimately perfect.  We never wanted to leave.

I think this wedding was so particularly perfect because the Bride & Groom are older, because they know what they want, because they have their own money to spend.  They planned every little detail themselves & we could see & appreciate that. They knew the people they were inviting & how they wanted their loved ones to experience their special day.

And it was special.  Thank you K & M for allowing me to participate in what I know will be a long & loving partnership.

Did you get married young? Would you change anything about your wedding? Have you never gotten married & don’t intend to?

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