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Book Week Costume Vs Faction Sports Carnival

October 16, 2015

Book Week Costumes

It’s funny how for everything I moan & groan about, there’s someone rejoicing in it.  And for every one of my cheers, there’s probably a sigh from that other one too.

I became aware of this at our Primary School’s Book Week parade a few weeks back.  The whole school had all been asked to come dressed as a character from a book that day & the children would parade for the parents & other students after the assembly.  Prizes would be awarded for the most creative.

In my house, Oaks, my nearly 8 year old daughter, heard the words, prize & most creative.  That was her mission, she is a competitor.  She adores sport.  All sport.  Competing, watching, it doesn’t matter.  And, she’s very good at pretty much every type of sport she tries.  She has ribbons & trophies galore.  She has validation.

All I heard was, crazed hot glue gunning, op shops raids, pushing & shoving in Spotlight & hysterical mother the night before trying to finish the prize winning costume.  I am quite sure I am not alone in this mind set.  I can hear the outcry Australia wide……

I digress, after all the kids had paraded & we oo-ed & ah-ed at all the costumes, they announced the winners.

My daughter’s best friend is named as one of the winners & her Mother (& my dear friend) looks at me beaming, “finally we get to win at something, we so suck at sport!” (or something along those lines!!).

And you know what, she’s right.

My friend is an amazingly talented artist & creative.  Her children’s lives are full of craft activities that I pull my hair out just thinking about.  There’s that ever present hot glue gun, sewing, painting & so much more.  Quite often she invites her kid’s friends to come & join in on these activities.  And they rejoice in it.

Her hand made costume creations for Book Week were worthy of any award & prize.

But, in her revelation that finally they’d won something, I was reminded that the things my friend & her daughter are so talented at, aren’t as validated, not only at school, but in life, the way other activities like sports are.

What a shame.  Sports & academia are the true winners aren’t they?  Everything else, the arts, community, they come in further behind than they should.

The kids all get to run in a race every year at the Faction Sports Carnival but do they all get to present an artwork at the Annual Art Show?  We don’t even have an Annual Art Show!

Food for thought.

(By the way, next year I am going to pay my friend to make my kid’s Book Week costumes next year…..)

What do you think?  Is your school perhaps a little different to ours?  Do they encourage all levels of learning & talents?  I’d love to hear your thoughts x

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