Aging Gracefully – How Can I Do It?

April 16, 2015

I seem to be reading a lot of articles lately with references to aging.  Maybe it’s because I’ve already clicked over the big 40 & I feel myself some days hurtling recklessly towards menopause, my children no longer needing me on a daily basis & my wardrobe looking increasingly like my Mother’s.

Maybe it’s for a completely different reason.  Maybe it’s because I feel fantastic.  My kids are getting older & allowing me more free time.  And maybe I finally am getting some sort of vague idea about what kind of clothes actually look ok on me!

Questions my reading has posed, for you to consider also:

1.  Am I too old for long hair?  What about pink mermaid hair?  (really, if I haven’t done it yet & I don’t do it now, when can I???)

2. What advice can I give my daughter that will really be of benefit to her throughout life?

3.  Can I get away with wearing a playsuit?  (The answer is no)

4.  How can I make time for myself to pursue my interests?  Follow the dreams & loves that I haven’t had the time for up until now.

5.  Can I get over my own body image insecurities & wear a bikini in public, or hell, shorts even! (my friends say yes, I’m still in denial….)

I’m enjoying reading about all the strong, independent women out there who have found their older age inspiring too.  Here are some links I’ve enjoyed – hope you do too!

Things Only Women Over 40 Understand

With….Zoe Foster Blake

What’s Your Fashion Age?

Carla Zampatti Shows Us How to do 50 Years in Fashion

Justine Clarke Show & Tell


What do you think about aging gracefully – any tips?  What about my older icons pictured above – got any faves??

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