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A Time of Tradition

December 18, 2015

Wedding Traditions

It was only recently that I was reading a post by Shannon over at My2morrows about their Family’s Christmas Traditions & it got me thinking about our family traditions at Christmas.

Little things like putting up the tree together, having a photo with Santa, writing Christmas cards, baking Babcia’s famous Christmas cookies.  There are so many things that my kids love & expect at Christmas – those traditions are precious to them, and me!

This year for example is the first year we won’t be going to Kings Park with Mr D’s family on Boxing Day.  Every year we all lug our blankets & chairs, eskies & piles of leftovers onto the grass under a tree, then sit there for the afternoon chatting, relaxing & letting the kids run amock.  But this year, Mr D’s Dad is getting on & doesn’t feel up to spending the day out, so we’re shifting the celebration to our place.  Oaks pipes up on hearing this, “but we always have Boxing Day at Kings Park – it won’t be the same!”.  See, traditions are inbuilt in her already, at the age of 8 – they are so important!

A few weekends ago Mr D & I attended a wedding.  It was a beautiful traditional white Catholic wedding.  As I sat in the Church & watched the ceremony I was aware of how particularly sacred & special the ceremony was to the Bride & her family.  My heart brimmed watching them recite the prayers & responses, the meaning of the words to them.  I was reminded how this was a time honoured tradition, not only the marriage & wedding itself, but the tradition of their religion.

As this wedding took place not long after the awful events in Paris, I was so grateful to be sitting in attendance of a religious ceremony in a church full of people of every denomination, and some probably even with none, all bound by the love of our two friends.  We were so lucky to be in a country, safe enough that we could appreciate & recognise another person’s beliefs, be invited to participate in whatever capacity we wished.  A tradition no matter what your religion.  It was gorgeous.

Tradition makes us who we are.  It binds us as friends & family & community.  It can be as simple as movie night every Friday night, new pyjamas every Easter or a roast dinner every Sunday.  I think it’s so important we respect tradition, ours & everyone else’s & remember to create our own along the way.

Do you have any favourite family traditions?  I know some can be hilarious!  Let me know!

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