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10/10 February – Kembu Theatre Kyoto

February 11, 2015

I love taking photos.  I’d like to concentrate a little more on actually learning & putting into practice the fundamentals of photography & the editing this year (on my long list of things to do!!).  In the meantime, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by many other encouraging bloggers & together we’ve created the Clever Cookie Photography Circle.

We all post 10 photos of a day in our life, or something that has caught our eye & we link up to each other, creating a circle of posts with our photos.  Hopefully you will discover some other amazing blogs for you to add to your usual reading list!

Here is my first month’s instalment.  They are photos of a fantastic night we spent with the kids in Kyoto, Japan last month at the Samurai Kembu Theatre.  We watched & were taught about traditional Samurai (the kids were a little obsessed with the whole Samurai vs Ninja thing while we were there!) & after the show, the kids were dressed as traditional Samurai – they loved it!

The putting on of the costume was a long & quite solemn process & I was amazed at how well my two went along with it, blissfully engrossed in the whole unfolding of the outfit.  The D Man especially eager to get to the “sword bit” but incredibly patient.  Oaks intrigued & in awe by the stories & concept of the strong female Samurai.  I think both my kids gained an understanding of the ethics & life lessons that the Japanese people use everyday from the time we spent with the Samurai!

I hope you enjoy my pictures too!

Wow, I had a really hard time culling those pics down to just 10, there were so many I loved!  I might just have to share a couple more over my next few Japan posts!  I’ve included  a cheeky one of us hamming it up as a family with the experts!

Now, please go & check out Jacinta from Amity Loves Pink, give her some love & continue the circle until you’re back to me!

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