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January 29, 2015


I’m so excited for Shannon and her family going to Japan for a holiday! (Insert envious squeal!!) It’s been on my list of places to visit since I took up Japanese in grade 8 and had a Japanese exchange student come stay with us. She was just adorable. “Kawaii !” was her favourite word and learning about Japan over the years there are so many reasons why you say it constantly. Kawaii means lovable, cute, and adorable and guessing what the shopping would be like over there I think it’s only fair I draw up a shopping list for Shannon to keep an eye out for all things kawaii on her amazing adventure.

Shannon’s Shopping List

1. Stationary – Japanese nail it when it comes to stationary. Pens and pretty paper, oh my! And who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? Kawaii for sure! This cute little character was produced by Sanrio 40 years ago and in 2014 it’s worth $7 billion a year without any form of advertising. That’s enough to make the company purr. Wowzer! I’m a big fan myself, way back in the 80’s when it was totally rare and quite the collectible. There’s Sanrio stores all over Japan so be sure to check them out. There is a Hello Kitty world but could be a little intense.

2. 100 yen stores – I’m guessing these are similar to our $2/reject shop type stores but being in Japan I’m guessing this would be 100% kawaii for sure. Cute little teacups and little homeware things. You are sooo going to need bigger bags to take home Shannon and huge pockets to fill for the plane ride home.

3. Something interesting from a vending machine. I’m sure you could write a book on those discoveries. I’ve heard of beer vending machine but what about a car or new undies? That’s pretty random but I guess there are moments in life you crave a beer, new car or do in fact need new undies, haha!

4. Lollies and snacks – they are always beautifully wrapped, fit for a queen. They also have some crazy flavours so that should be a good laugh. Nothing too gross though please.

5. Hot spring (onsen) powder sachets that you can add to a bathtub of hot water – hot spring in your own bathroom in Australia! Not that one can possibly imagine a hot bath in this weather but this sounds sublime with a glass of vino in hand.

6. Sake – I’m not sure if this is kawaii as such but you may feel it after a few shots, just not in the morning.

7. Japanese brand mascaras – apparently they nail it when it comes to mascara and its cheap too, as is most make up. Go freakin nuts Shan!

8. Shu and Shiseido eyelash curlers – Definitely worthy of a looksy, Japanese women always have immaculate makeup, bit different to the makeup skills seen on Marry, Snog or Avoid however, hmmmm?!!

9. Japanese style nightgown (yukata) – Now Shannon and I are big fans of kimonos. The yukata is a little different and perhaps best worn for the lady of the house in her house. Could you imagine going out for dinner with those sleeves? They’d see more of your dinner than your mouth.

10. Loads of family snaps. For such a trip of a life time I do hope Shannon gets some amazing and beautiful shots – so much it will make us all want to pop Japan on top our list.

Have a wonderful trip lovely lady! Be sure to smile and say “Kawaii” to just about everything and oishi means tasty and mizu is water! Sweet to go, have fun xx


A big thank you to my friend Jo from You Had Us At Hello for writing today’s Guest Post!  I will be sure to have some wonderful souvenirs to show you when I get home from Japan thanks to Jo’s shopping list!!

Jo is a Farmers wife, a mum to 2 mad TMNT fans, a concert lover and often dreams she a waitress in her random dreams. With her Bridget Jones hat on – she’s into recognising and celebrating those that go above and beyond! She can be found here and on Facebook.

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