Would Be Blogger….

September 9, 2014

What is blogging?

I am excited to be enrolled in The Clever Cookie Blog School with a course starting this month.  I was telling a friend of mine about it & she asked me, “what exactly do you learn in a Blog course?”  She may as well asked me what a Blog was, because they are the same question really!

Here is the definition Google gave me:

A Blog is: a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.

I have really blogged all my life, albeit when I started as a star struck 7 year old, it was with a pen & textas in my diary with a little lock & key.  I have always written down my ideas, opinions & stories.  Now I get to do it on a “Blog”!

I often consider the repercussions today’s technology would have had on my 15 year old self.  I’ve always loved photography, especially taking photos of my friends & family.

But a) I needed a camera & b) the cost & waiting for the development of the film was unbearable!  How I wanted a video camera – are you old enough to remember those?!  I would have loved to document my day to day existence for the world to see & admire!  And my journals & diaries full of unrequited love, worldly ideals & unfair parenting!  How the masses would have flocked to my everyday musings!

Thank goodness I didn’t have access to Facebook, Instagram & Blogging!!  My parent’s don’t know how lucky they are that they didn’t have to live through it!  I was bad enough at homework as it was, let alone if I had a PC or Ipad in my clutches!!

But back to the Blogging.

I still love writing, about my life, things I love & my opinions. I still love photography, jeepers it’s much easier now, not to mention instant!

I love the community Blogging creates, the friends you make, even if not IRL (in real life for you non-bloggers!).

I love that even if no one reads it, I really don’t mind, but I also love the opportunities it can create as a profitable business if people do.

I love to read other people’s Blogs too, my BlogLovin’ feed is full to the brim, I can’t keep up!  Blogs are my new magazine, I can’t remember the last time I purchased a magazine to read (except Housey mags, but you know all about that already!).

So I hope to learn from my course a lot of the technical stuff I know nothing about, SEOs, Google+, should I pay to host my own domain?  As well as the elements of Blogging that make a blog successful, your market, your community, your niche.

More than anything, I know I’ll enjoy it!  It will give me the outlet I need as a stay at home Mum, a bit of using the old noggin for the greater good, not just what to cook for dinner that night & if someone in the house has a dentist appointment this week!

So stay tuned, let’s see how my Blogging continues!  Are you a Blogger, how did you start out?  Or do you just love to read Blogs?  Which ones do you love to read?

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