Fashion Worn Out Wednesday

Worn Out Wednesday – 31.08.16

August 31, 2016

Biker Jeans, A White Shirt, Leather Jacket + Sneakers

Forty Up Biker Jeans

I’m a stay at home Mum for the most part, so fashion on a day to day level is all about comfort, versatility & practicality.  Those three things together can sound extremely dull, but they can be twisted & turned to make your wardrobe work for you & still look good!

Well, that’s my plan anyway!  So here’s what I WORE OUT THIS WEDNESDAY:

These Bluey Urban Jeans from The Travelling Trunk are awesome, especially at $79!  Super stretchy & a brilliant blue, just perfect for those days you don’t want to feel super wintery but still want to wear jeans.  The biker detail on the knee toughens these jeans up, which I love.  They’re a good mid/high level in the waist so they’re perfect to wear a shorter top with, cover up that muffin top or have no fear bending over in the playground with!  {Kindly gifted}

This faux leather jacket I picked up from good old Target on the sale rack for $25 last month has turned out to be my go to piece!  It works with just about everything.  And although I wouldn’t do my housework in it, or sit typing on the computer in it, it’s perfect to throw on to collect the kids or run an errand.  This one is similar & still Target, not exactly the same, but at $59 it’s a bargain!

If you don’t own a white shirt, go out & get one now!  So super versatile.  I love shirts!  This one is an oldie by Trenery, just the right length & a great fabric that doesn’t scrunch up & get all crinkled after a quick sit down.  I have a few shirts, all different colours.  I wouldn’t be without them.  This one from Trenery is similar.

These faithful kicks are about $12 from Kmart!  Once they’re too dirty or falling apart, I just get a new pair!  I would love to splash out on a really nice pair of Adidas or similar sometime soon though!  Sunglasses are last year from Sportsgirl.

Biker Jeans

White Shirt

Worn Out Wednesday 3 by Forty Up

What’s your wardrobe go to for casual?  Are you a jeans gal or do you live in sneakers?  I’d love to know!

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