Won’t You Save Me San Francisco

May 27, 2014
Sorry, there’s many a famous tune penned about the city of San Francisco, but Train is all that comes to mind right now…..

We had an early start leaving Cancun flying via Phoenix to San Francisco. (Phoenix looked great, thinking more time on the Californian Coast might be on the cards next time!)

We flew pretty much all day arriving in San Francisco just after lunch. Our hotel, Hotel Zetta is in Union Square close to all the shopping action (this trip is taking on a theme isn’t it!?). The hotel is GORGEOUS! Highly recommend it, a lovely break from our run down NY apartment & our Cancun party palace!

Our concierge is a life saver & put us on track for our evening, drinks at the Marriott rooftop bar (hmmm, another recurring theme!!??) gorgeous view, then dinner at the charming Annabelle’s where some if us tried the SF staple, Ciopinno, an Italian-American tomato based fish stew, yummy!

We all fell in love with SF on this first night, there is a casual vibe more reminiscent of home, unlike NY.

The homeless are on every street corner here in SF, where were they in NY?   Its a constant reminder of the issues the US have with regards to housing & health care systems. It’s a reminder how lucky we are.

On the other hand, it’s the Memorial Day long weekend, our ANZAC Day equivalent so we witnessed the impact the serving & returned forces from the US have on their homeland & it was quite moving.

On a lighter note, unbeknownst to us, Memorial Day means sales, sales, sales!!! I’m talking 40% off the entire store, like Gap!!! As you probably know by now, we like to shop, so once we discovered this Sale option, we got amongst it!! Handbags, shoes, jackets, even a suitcase, no one was immune!!! Boy did we cram it in.

If we’d known earlier about this Memorial Day sale thingy perhaps we wouldn’t have headed off sightseeing that morning, but we did & it was a perfect day for it, about 20 degrees & not a cloud in the sky.

Crammed into a shiny black SUV, our driver took us down Lombard Street the famous twisty windy street in SF, so many people taking photos! Feel only a teensy bit sorry for the people that live there! Then over the Golden Gate Bridge & quick pit stop for photos, quite a magical view & the bridge itself really beautiful, another movie moment!

We got dropped down at Fisherman’s Wharf, home to the smelly & loud sea lions & amazing view out to Alcatraz. Loaded up on more souvenirs, enjoyed the sunshine, then meandered up the road to hop on the famous SF cable car. Super fun!

The 3 hour time difference messed with us a little, so we loaded up on brekkie & missed out on lunch, other than a few snacks at Macy’s Burger Bar.

After all our shopping it was off to a hilarious dinner at the Stinking Rose, a garlic themed Italian restaurant in North Beach, or Little Italy.

Looking out the window now, it looks like another perfect day to get out & about in San Francisco, we might need to wear a flower in our hair…..


Phoenix Airport


Our hotel lobby with 3 gorgeous girls

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