Who You Gonna Call? Boiler Suits are Back!

February 6, 2019

Autumn Style Austalia

Yep, you heard me right.

Boiler suits are here for Autumn. They made a sneaky revival last year but they’re popping up all over Instagram over seas in the colder weather & they’ll be a great addition to the Australian upcoming Autumn.

They’s the rough, tough, skateboarding loving older sister to the much prettier Jumpsuit.  They’re more industrial, traditionally long sleeved, in shades of navy, denim & khaki & buttoned up the front. But you don’t HAVE to go all Ghost Busters, Tradie, Train Driver with this look! There’s variations on this theme.

Think all black, tapered legs, dressed up with heels for a night out. Or a tumbled khaki with sneakers & beach hair for day time casual.

Buttoned up to the top, open to show off some skin, or layered with a striped tee underneath, this may just become one of the most hard working, versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

The down side is finding the right fit.  If you’re long in the torso or long in the legs, you’ll need to be careful that you don’t get pulled in all the wrong directions! Going to the toilet is also a tricky one, sitting practically nude in a pub cubicle is not always ideal.  Wearing a cami or singlet underneath might solve this one!

So, let’s have a look at some Boiler/Jump suits that I think are pretty cool right now.  Definitely no Ghost Busters here!

Boilersuit Australia

This one from Bohemian Traders is a great colour & I love the slouchy fit. I think this would look awesome dressed up with some heels for a contrast look. It’s $190.

White Jumpsuit Online

Not a traditional Boilersuit, but it shows how different the styles can be.  Love the belt, pockets & the lapel on this Wrap Jumpsuit from Zara, it’s $100.

Boiler suit australia online

This is actually the Boiler suit I first saw that got me thinking about investing in one! I love the versatility of this Tonic Boiler Suit from Topshop. I think it would get a lot of wear, even to the office. It’s $120.

Boiler Suit Australian Fashion

Although this Textured Jumpsuit from Seed conjures up images of my high school late 80s wardrobe, I’m hoping it just doesn’t look that great in this photo as it’s got all the makings of a really comfy boiler suit! It’s $150.

Khaki Boiler Suit Australia

This is probably my favourite of the lot, can’t beat Boden for great UK style.  This is the Jessie Jumpsuit. I love the red trim on this one! And you could totally roll up the legs & wear it with some white sneakers & still look awesome! It’s a little pricier at $198.

Glam Boiler Suit

A great Summer take on the boiler suit, leaning a little more towards a Jumpsuit, but still a really great piece!  This one is the Malibu V Neck Jumpsuit from Blue Bungalow & is $160.

Boiler Suit ASOS

Another favourite, this Warehouse Cropped Jumpsuit from ASOS has a cute cut out on the back.  Love the traditional Boiler suit navy! It’s $93.

So what do you think? Could a boiler suit see it’s self into your wardrobe this Autumn? Or are you more of a Summer Jumpsuit kinda gal? I’m on the hunt now for the perfect one for me!

Shan x



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