What to Wear to a Cocktail Style Wedding

March 19, 2015

It’s the season for weddings here in Australia.  You can see that just by taking a look at all the loved up Anniversary photos doing the rounds on Facebook!  It’s the gorgeous weather this time of year.  I love a wedding.

I’ll be attending a wedding in a few weeks so thought I would explore some options of what to wear determined by the dress code on the invite.

Looking around online & creating a picture of what you’d like to wear before you head out to the shops is a great idea.  It will save time & allow you to eliminate options that aren’t what you are looking for.

Most weddings come with a dress code, it’s pretty important to stick to it, especially if you want to stay friends with the Bride!!!

The wedding I’ll be attending has a Cocktail dress code.  Cocktail is quite easy for us ladies, especially during the warmer months usually most of us will have something we can use already in our wardrobes.

Broken down simply, the ettiqute for Cocktail attire is traditionally a suit for men & a tastefully short evening dress for women.  It’s not formal & it’s not dressy casual.

A little black dress is perfect, dressed up with killer heels & statement accessories.

A maxi anything is fine, as long as you don’t look like you just came in off the beach!

A dressy pant suit, sequins & prints are also perfectly fine as long as you’re not overshadowing the bride!

Black & jewel tones are traditionally cocktail style, but during the summer, lighter shades & colours will also work.

Finding out what colour the Bridesmaids are wearing & steering well clear of that is also a handy tip as a wedding guest!

I have a few rules of my own when wearing a Cocktail dress, these are my own hang ups & ones you certainly don’t need to take on board.

I’d like to not wear black or white to a wedding.  I’d also like a sleeve, even if it’s a cap & I don’t want anything too short.  Not asking too much am I?

I found this Ginger & Smart dress online that I adore – at $939 it’s not something I’ll be purchasing anytime soon, but it’s a good indicator of the style & colour I’m looking for.  I’ve chosen two sets of accessories, the first look a little more funky, the second a little more demure, just to keep my options open when shopping.

Please keep in mind these outfits are in no way something I’ll be going out & purchasing tomorrow – it’s purely a mood board, inspirations I can take with me shopping to give me some direction!

Look 1Ginger & Smart Affinity Dress $939, Colette Tear Drop Stone Earrings $7.95, Anthropologie Sea Fan Beaded Pouch $68, Kardashian Kollection Torrie Nude $110

Look 2

Ginger & Smart Affinity Dress $939, Ryan Storer Rose Gold Ear Cuff $275, Ginger & Smart Sonic Clutch $359, Micheal Kors High Heeled Shoes $116.65


Do you have a go-to outfit for Weddings?  Or Cocktail parties?  Have you ever paid $939 for a dress?  If you have I’d love to hear all about it!!  Stay tuned for what I actually end up wearing to the upcoming Wedding!

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