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My Bali Holiday Packing Guide

May 5, 2017

What to Pack for Bali

“What should I pack?”  It’s the eternal holiday question isn’t it?

Bali is a destination I travel to frequently so I’ve become pretty good at packing for it!  As I’m about to head off with some friends for a week of fun in the sun, I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on successful packing for Bali (& probably any sort of destination!).

  1. What is the weather going to be like?

  2. Do I have a luggage limit?

  3. What sort of activities will I be taking on while I am there?

Bali weather, although it can be wet, is always hot.  If like me, you leave a cold destination for the warmer climate of Bali, by all means wear a cardigan & sneakers on the plane but it’s rare you’ll  need them once you are there.

I don’t take wet weather gear because my activities don’t involve being out in the rain!  If it rains & I’m shopping, I’ll stop in a cafe until it dies down or jump in a cab & head back to my accommodation.  If you plan on visiting tourist destinations that you don’t want ruined by the possible showers, then definitely pack a light weight rain spray jacket.

Bali is hot & steamy.  Think breathable fabrics & loose fitting clothes.

Do consider the sun!  Although it’s hot, you may want to still cover your shoulders, with something like a light weight kimono or even pick up a cute sarong while you are there to throw over your shoulders.  And a hat, always a hat!  I find that a straw hat is the best, a cap gets very hot!  And yes, you will have hat hair!

I don’t have a luggage limit, but I still don’t want to travel with too much stuff that I’m not going to wear.  I also want room in my suitcase to bring home any purchases I might make!  Make sure you know your luggage limits & how much your luggage weighs so you’re not slugged with excess weight fees!!  (These limits differ from airline to airline).

If you are sitting by a pool & strolling the streets of Bali, you aren’t really limited by a dress code.

However, if you are visiting temples or places of cultural significance you will want to adhere to the dress requirements.  Most temples have sarongs you can hire, but you may want to make sure you include a light weight pair of pants & a sleeved top if you are going to be visiting these type of places. Having your own sarong in your bag is always a great idea!

If you’re Quad Biking or visiting the Monkey Forest, you might like to wear a pair of closed in shoes & shorts.  So, think ahead & have a bit of a plan!

You will be entranced by the shopping, even if you’re adamant you won’t be.  Cheap & colourful sarongs, kimonos & kaftans will be everywhere.  Keep in mind when packing that you can pick up these kinds of things when you get there – think of it as a souvenir!

All up I like to have fun with what I’m wearing in Bali!

Channel all that tropical, boho, surfie vibe you’ve got hiding away in you somewhere & set her free!  Embrace tropical prints & colours!  The more beads, silver & jewellery you can wear – the better! Scarves & hair braids – (grown up hair braids, not the full head of beaded tiny little ones!) – just do it!

For my upcoming trip to Bali I will be lazing by the pool, shopping up a storm & eating out at fabulous restaurants!  

  1. Poolside

Always take more than 1 pair of bathers!  The humidity makes it very hard to dry out wet clothes, its inevitable your wet bathers won’t be dry by the next day, so you need a back up pair.  Bathers are also perfectly good street wear for the most part in Bali.  A great bikini top under a singlet is perfect for jumping straight into the pool after a long day shopping!  I’ll probably take 3 pairs just in case!

I’m a rashie girl, so I’ll also take a rashie, a hat & sunglasses.

A kaftan or kimono is necessary to get you down to the pool & to throw on over your bathers if you’re going to duck out to grab some bits from the Mini Mart to nibble by the pool!

A sun dress is an awesome alternative to a kimono, nothing precious, it’s got to be easy to wear!  It can also be worn for a casual lunch date!

And thongs!  Always thongs!

 2. The Bali Shopper

This is really my staple wardrobe while I’m in Bali, away from the pool.

Remember – breathable, loose fitting;

Don’t be afraid to wear your cossie under your clothes;

Be prepared for rough walking conditions!

I always take 1 pair of shorts.  I love denim because it works with everything, but your fave pair will do.  Consider a pair of shorts that you can dress up a little for a cute lunch outfit.

Three tops.  A singlet, a basic & a cute boho inpsired shirt should cover all your bases.

A little flippy skirt that you can dress up to wear out to lunch or dinner if you want but will also work with all your tops!

Sandals, black & a tan & a pair of thongs.  I wear my thongs when I’m there pretty much the whole time…. but that’s just me!

A tote bag for your shopping!  Turn down plastic shopping bags in Bali whenever you can!

3. Bali Nightlife

Ok, so I don’t go out nightclubbing these days, we are more likely to eat out at a gorgeous restaurant & go out for cocktails!

Keeping that in mind, I’d take 2 dresses with me, a maxi dress & something shorter.  Stick to loose fitting options!!

Dress up basics with boho inspired jewellery & a colourful clutch.

An outfit with separates is always a good idea too as it will work into other areas of your wardrobe too.  A cute cami with a Maxi skirt is another great option.

I rarely wear a heel here at home so I won’t be doing it in Bali.  The streets & paths are pretty bad & very uneven!  A wedge is a good option if you want to get out of your flats.  A great pair of sandals is perfectly acceptable footwear for dining out in Bali.  I would take 2 pairs if you have the room in two different colours, I usually stick to black & tan.

4. Ladies Lunch

Lunching in Bali is a big part of my day!  It’s either straight off the beach or from by the pool or dressed up for something a little more fancy!

A cute flippy skirt is a great idea, teamed with a cami.

Denim shorts are my go-to, but any pair of your favourites will do!

Teamed with a cute Boho floaty shirt you’ll be feeling that Bali vibe in no time!

Another cute, easy to wear dress is also a good addition.

All these looks can be worn with your black or tan sandals, or even your wedges if you want to dress up a little more.

More boho inspired jewellery to jazz things up!

Confused? Don’t be!  It’s your holiday & you know you better than anyone!  But let’s recap my tips just in case!

For a week in Bali I’d pack:

  • 3 x Tops
  • 2 x Skirt or shorts
  • 2 x Sundresses
  • 2 x Going Out Dresses or Skirt & Top
  • 2 x Sandals (and maybe some wedges!)
  • 1 x Thongs
  • 1 x Hat
  • 1 x Tote Bag
  • 2 x Bathers
  • 1 x Coverall/Kimono
  • 1 x Rashie
  • 1 x Clutch
  • Jewellery
  • Underwear
  • Toiletries
  • Chargers/Adaptors

Keep in mind the weather, your activities & your luggage limits!  Embrace the tropics & your inner boho princess, but pack pieces that will work together!

And most of all – have fun!!!


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