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November 5, 2014

As you all know, I’m knew to this blogging bag & I’m still trying to get my head around what exactly I want to write about & how to do that the most successfully!  So this week I participated in a presentation by Nikki Parkinson, the founder & very successful blogger of Styling You.

It was a great evening.  I learnt tons of really useful information about branding & advertising on my blog, all first hand from Nikki.  I finally got to meet my fellow Perth Clever Cookie School of Blog students Jo & Kristy as well as meet up with other Perth bloggers I admire & follow.

The following night I headed into the City to the Rydges for Nikki’s launch of her book Unlock Your Style – amazing lady that she is – lot’s to learn & be inspired by whenever Nikki is in the room!

I thought I might share with you not what I learnt at the blogging presentation, not your bag, I completely get it, but the styling tips Nikki talked about at the book launch.  Nikki’s target audience is the average woman, whatever size you may be & her book explains how to feel fabulous every day with your wardrobe choices.  The tip I felt resonated the most with me, was to throw away “the rules”.  Feeling fabulous is what matters, not what the magazines pitch is “right” for our shape/type.  Great advice!

If you were old enough to care about clothes in the 90s, chances are you owned a pair of shoes with a block heel.  This is a super practical style, no more teetering around on tiny little stilettos!  A block heel comes in a variety of heights & can work really well with everything from a summery maxi dress to a pair of classy cigarette pants.
I am a big fan of the printed pant!  This summer they can be high waisted & tailored or low slung & slouchy.  Paired with a block colour top, or mixed with a clashing pattern, they are super easy to wear.  Even if you don’t think you can pull off the pattern, give a pair a try, I guarantee you’ll be surprised & pleased with the results!
Stripes can take you anywhere.  An oversized tee with a pair of denim shorts or clashing beautifully with a patterned skirt, they’re not just for the high seas!  Stripes are everywhere this summer, not just in tees, you’ll find them everywhere from skirts to dresses & shorts.  And Nikki says not to be fooled by the old horizontal stripes will make you look wider rule, this simply just isn’t true!  So go out there & embrace your nautical side!
What do you think about Nikki’s 3 summer trends – are you incorporating any of these into your summer wardrobe?  Or do you have another hot summer look you can let us know about?

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