Tulyss – A Cultural & Fashionable Fusion

May 24, 2016

Perth Designer Shoes

Recently I became the proud owner of a gorgeous pair of batik flats by design team Tulyss.  Not only is the fabric design of the shoe unique & beautiful but these flats are super comfortable!

My shoes drew so many positive comments from friends & strangers alike that I had to find out more about Tulyss & introduce this brand to you!

After chatting with co-owner & designer Alisa, I was excited to explore her ideas of merging traditional cultural arts with current fashion trends.

Can you tell me a little about how Tulyss came about?

In 2011, together with my sister in law, we launched the label, The Chanting.  The idea was to use batik materials sourced locally in Malaysia and Indonesia and create women’s shoes that fits the daily modern lifestyle.

The inspiration came through a pair of custom-made high heels using batik fabric from a small town in Malacca.  During casual walks around Perth, the shoe became the focal point for conversation with various people from all walks of life, on how they admire the beautiful batik prints.

Tulyss is the cultivation of The Chanting, where the focus was solely on batik.  Tulyss will utilise all types of local culture designed textiles to be transformed into women’s shoes and fashion wear.

We aim to present outstanding cultural masterpieces by mixing unique designs, innovative ideas and different perspectives into our amazing products.  Tulyss’ primary activity is to design and produce fashionable women shoes using cultural themed arts mixed with modern materials.  Manufacturing of the shoes is outsourced to specific shoemakers with specialisation in custom low volume orders. This will maintain the quality and the requirements as well as the comfort which is Tulyss main priority.

Who is the Tulyss team?

In Perth it’s myself & our Marketing Directory Mastura Koelmeyer & IT Director Afif M Hatta.  Our Malaysian branch is Amyra Hatta, Co-Owner and designer & Sara Shukri our Creative Director.  Currently Tulyss is operating from two physical locations under a fully executed partnership agreement in Perth and Malaysia.

I’m really interested in your connection with Malaysia & the process of choosing the fabrics you use – can you tell us a little about that?

I travel from Perth to Malaysia at least once a year.  Usually I’ll sketch my designs and have my mood board ready, so I have an idea at what sort of colour and patterns to look for in the Batik. While in Malaysia, I’ll brainstorm ideas and make improvements on our designs.

We have our shoe maker make a sample of our new design using any left over batik or plain material to give us an idea of what it will look like.  This helps us guide our decisions before purchasing the right batik for the new collections and designs.  The heels are especially the trickiest ones. Obtaining the right pattern to place in such a small area and certain parts of the shoes is the biggest head ache of all.  We cut the patterns to fit the concepts and wastage is expected.  However, all the remaining batik material is used for our signature flats called Jentayu.

For the next collection we have engaged a supplier to have our batik drawn and only purchase batik tulis (drawn batik patterns) for our shoes. This gives us more direction and will minimise the wastage of materials.

Choosing fabrics is the hardest and most important process in designing our shoes.  Choosing the right type of material, feel and colours as well as patterns that compliment the design of our shoes is crucial.

How long have you been designing?

I was always interested in fashion design since I was young and have designed my outfits for functions in Malaysia, getting them tailored made.  I even designed my own wedding shoe.  However, it was when I have received many compliments with the Batik shoe that I’ve designed and worn here in Perth that really inspired me to be in the industry.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I see inspiration everywhere.  From my day to day life to a browse through magazines, Pinterest and Google.  This prompts me to think about the concepts and what sort of batik motifs that would complement the design.  Once the design process is complete and I have the image of my designs, finding the Batik task begins!  And I have to say this is the hardest part as there are too many beautiful batik to choose from.

Where can people buy your shoes?

Tulyss is marketed in Perth through our website as well as Facebook to place an order.  We also have our product placed at Kazeca Studio in Perth.  In Malaysia, Tulyss is also available through our website, Facebook and we have placed our label in a few online fashion hubs.  Soon Tulyss will be available online at FashionValet and MyAdinda.

What’s next for Tulyss?

I hope to place Tulyss shoes in boutiques all across Australia and Malaysia and hopefully internationally, worldwide.  I want Tulyss to be recognised for the quality and comfort as well as be involved with international fashion shows.

Thank you to Alisa & Mastura from Tulyss who so kindly gifted me a gorgeous pair of flats & for taking the time to help me out with this post.  Special thank you to Megan King Creative for the photos.

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