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My Girl – Our Travel Adventures So Far

September 30, 2014


Today Mr D & Oaks left for a week in Sydney.  I will miss them, but I think Oaks & I could do with some time apart, some time with her Dad and she could most definitely do with a break from her little brother!

Oaks is an excellent traveller.  She has travelled extensively in her 7 years.  In fact she was conceived somewhere in Italy (Capri or Sorrento perhaps?) and Mr D and I learnt we were pregnant in Epernay in the heart of France’s Champagne region, celebrated with a real life Moet & Chandon!

When she was 8 weeks old we took her with us to Cambodia.  What was I thinking??!!  First time mother, how hard can it be?!  Ha ha!  In hindsight I understand why my Mum and my friends with children were horrified by the idea!  It was in fact easy for Oaks, she was breastfeeding and slept most of the time, but it wasn’t easy for me!  I was tired and hot!!  And did I mention still adjusting to being a Mother!

Oaks has grown up remembering hotel room numbers and directions to our rooms.  She has eaten local delicacies from stalls in Cambodia, Japan and Thailand.  She has played with kids on the beach, in family run cafes, playgrounds and markets in Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand.  Visited temples and ruins in Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  She’s ridden in Tuk Tuks, scooters and high speed taxis in Laos and Vanuatu.

We laugh that she will grow up to be a Hotelier she’s stayed in that many hotels all over the world!

Her interest in religion and her understanding and appreciation of other people’s cultures and practices are a direct result of our travelling as a family.  I am proud of her values of equality.

Being with us 24/7 in some pretty close quarters has had some fantastic advantages to Oak’s upbringing, but it’s also had it’s down sides too.

Oaks started talking early, I mean really early.  I’m sure it was because she spent so much time listening to Mr D & I chatting.  She also got very use to having company all the time.

She was very nearly an only child & would have been if Mr D had had his way.  But I was eager for another & Oaks started asking when her little brother was due to arrive when she was about 3 years old.  He followed about a year later.

Oaks is bright, creative, loyal & smart.  She is also shy, highly emotional & doesn’t have a competitive bone in her body.  She loves music & dancing, drawing, cartwheeling & giggling with her pals.

I guess Europe is next & I’ve promised her a trip to New York when she’s older with me!

I’ve included some of my favourite photos of her travelling as a bub, please excuse the quality, pre-digital & I haven’t edited any of them!

So there’s My Girl.  I can’t wait to see where she goes next!

Have you travelled a lot with your kids?  Any recommendations?  What about Sydney?  Anything in particular Oaks and her Dad should do while they are there?




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