Top Three Frocks – Episode 12 The Bachelor Australia 2016

September 2, 2016

Dresses The Bachelor Australia

A nail biter last night!  I thought for a minute it was all over for Rachael, but no, we lost the last of our Intruders, Steph.  Steph has great style & has bought real sophistication to the Rose Ceremonies with her outfit choices.  Well played Steph, well played.

So, as we get closer to the end the style choices of our Bachelorettes are becoming more & more varied.  Perhaps with not much else to do in the house all day, making outfit decisions is a highlight for them & as a result the girls are playing with styles we wouldn’t have seen them wear in the first few episodes when they were still finding their feet.

There were some daring options tonight, none of them made my Top three though, must be showing my age!  Interesting that all three of these outfits last night are essentially “off the rack” labels that anyone can afford & wear.  Well done The Bachelor!

Number 1 – Nikki

A safe option for Nikki last night, but it really works for her.  I love that Nikki can take way out there fashion risks but still make a dress that any girl could wear look fantastic!  This jewel toned Shona Joy dress has enough interest in the draping to keep her hair & accessories toned down without being boring.  Classically gorgeous!

Nikki The Bachelor Dress

Dress – Shona Joy

Shoes – Windsor Smith

Bangle and Earrings – Samantha Wills

Rings – Love from Venus

Number 2 – Rachael

It’s nice to see Rachael in a dress that isn’t so crazy in your face, a frock that you could imagine the girl next to you at a wedding wearing.  It makes her more approachable & likeable.  Another jewel tone, this colour really suits her, & the pony tail is a nice playful touch.

The Bachelor Rachael Dress

Dress – Pilgrim

Shoes – Novo Shoes

Earrings and Ring – House of Emmanuele

Number 3 – Steph

It’s tough to judge a playsuit against the dresses the other Bachelorettes wore this week, but Steph manages to make classy choices week after week.  This pink is total Marilyn Monroe, a look which works for Steph.  It’s playful without being trashy or too casual.  I couldn’t find this Limitless Playsuit available on line – it seems to be sold out but here’s a link if you want to do your own searching!

Steph the bachelor playsuit

Jumpsuit – Finders Keepers the Label

Shoes – Steve Madden

Cuff and Ring – Samantha Wills

Earrings – Adorne


Did Richie make the right choice booting Steph over Rachael?  Only time will tell!

Thanks again to Ten for the images!











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