Top Five Frocks – Episode 7 The Bachelor Australia 2016

August 18, 2016

Best Dressed The Bachelor Australia

Thank you Channel Ten for the terrible photos supplied for your Style shots today!  They are shockers!  I guess, in case you didn’t watch last night, that the Intruders didn’t show up until the evening & the photos couldn’t be taken until then, hence the evening & very bad lighting in the pics.

It should also be noted that our Bachelorettes had been at a Garden Party all afternoon waiting for Richie, who never showed, & was actually out meeting the Intrudors.  Which is why our Bachelorette’s are all floaty & flowery & not in their usual cocktail party attire, except for Steph, who as an Intruder showed up frocked up to the nines.

So, keeping all that in mind, here’s last night’s Top 5 frocks!

Number 1 – Keira

Although white isn’t my colour of choice for an event other than a wedding, Keira really looked great in this shorts combo by Winona Australia.  It was perfect for a garden party, she looked polished & classy with an element of fun.  This set is currently on sale online & comes in Navy as well.

Keira The Bachelor

Top and Shorts – Winona Australia

Earrings – House of Emmanuele

Shoes – Novo Shoes

Number 2 – Megan

It was a bummer to lose Megan last night as she was one of my favourites.  She showed us that she’s not only gorgeous on the outside but that she actually has a brain & her own free thought & I think she showed great integrity to leave on her own volition.  Surely she knew what she was getting into when she signed up for The Bachelor though?

Megan the bachelor

Dress – Alin Le’ Kal

Ring – Salsuli

Earrings – Adorne

Shoes – Wittner

Number 3 – Olena

Feathers & white, two of possible fashion faux pas – but Olena always manages to style an outfit to perfection.

Olena the bachelor dress

Beaded Two Piece – The Dollhouse

Earrings – Salsuli

Shoes – Novo Shoes

Number 4 – Steph

Our first Intruder to make the Top 5!  Couldn’t go past this red Wheels & Dollbaby gown – she left those flower children for dust!

Steph the bachelor

Dress – Wheels and Dollbaby

Earrings & Cuff – House of Emmanuele

Shoes – Tony Bianco

Number 5 – Kiki

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Kiki nails the whole J-Lo vibe.  Nothing is too short, too low cut or clingy.  She makes it her own.

Kiki the bachelor

Dress – Amy Taylor

Ring – Salsuli

Shoes – Novo Shoes

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