Top Five Frocks – Episode 6 The Bachelor Australia 2016

August 12, 2016

Best Dressed the bachelor

Struggle town to find five frocks I loved last night!  In fact, we didn’t get to see much of the frocks at all last night, other than Keira in her red jumpsuit who did not make my top 5.  Everyone else seemed to be sitting down by the pool drowning their sorrows in their champers.  Come on ladies – we want to see fun & frivolity – not tears!  Disappointing to note my fave home town babe Nikki didn’t make my cut tonight.  That play suit was just a no no!

Number 1 – Megan

Megan is gorgeous & super tall!  She also has a long torso & a lot of the dresses she wears over emphasise this & really draw her out.  Tonight this dress really lifts her up & creates definition between her waist & her bust & then her gorgeous long neck.  The colour is gorgeous too!  This dress is currently on sale!

Best Dressed the bachelor

Dress – Giselle and Sophia

Earrings – House of Emmanuele

Cuff – Colette

Shoes – Wittner

Number 2 – Alex

Although I couldn’t decide if Alex was channelling I Dream of Jeannie or the Little Mermaid, you’ve got to admit, this works for her.  The pastel colour appeals to her girl next door vibe but she’s got enough sass to show her midriff without looking trashy!

The best dressed the bachelor

Top and Skirt – Amy Taylor

Earrings and Cuff – Samantha Wills

Ring –  Salsuli

Shoes – Windsor Smith

Number 3 – Kiki

Kiki is all va-va-voom!  So glad she got a date with Richie this week & came back with a rose to rub in everyone’s face!  It’s easy for Kiki to look trashy with the body she’s got, but by sticking with basic colours & shapes, a dress like this only enhances what she’s got without giving it all away.

The bachelor best dressed

Dress – Lexi Clothing

Earrings and Cuff – Pushmataaha

Shoes – Steve Madden

Number 4 – Olena

This was a little outside Olena’s typical style tonight.  I don’t actually love it, although the colour is beautiful on her, I feel like she looks like an extra from the big school dance scene in Grease.  The tough shoes are a nice contradiction to the soft outfit.  Given what I had to work with tonight, it scraped in at Number 4.

Best Dressed the bachelor

Top and Skirt – Amy Taylor

Cuff and Earrings – Pushmataaha

Shoes – Novo Shoes

Number 5 – Noni

I like Noni.  She takes on the fly girl role in the style stakes of the Bachelorettes.  It works for her.  There’s nothing that special about this dress, but the hair style & the of the belt are clever styling to make it more than it is.  This dress is currently on sale!

Best dressed the bachelor australia

Dress – Sheike

Earrings – Lovisa

Ring – Samantha Wills

Shoes – Windsor Smith

So, a tough judging panel last night.  Hopefully the introduction of the new Bachelorettes will raise the stakes a little next week – stay tuned!!

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