Top Five Frocks – Episode 13 The Bachelor Australia 2016

September 8, 2016

The Bachelor Australia dress

Our final five.  And as of last night, our final four, finally saying goodbye to Faith, who although I loved & was heaps of fun, I was always sure she wouldn’t actually make the final cut.  And typically, it’s on her last night that Faith makes the Top 3 in the frocks.

Faith is totally gorgeous, but I think probably overwhelmed when it came to the choices available to her for her Rose Ceremony outfits.  She always looked a tad overdone.  Her outfit often outshining her personality, which is hard when you are as much fun to be around as Faith obviously is.

So, tonight as there is five Bachelorettes, we have a Top 5 frocks & surprisingly they are all gorgeous!  So without further ado…..

Number 1 – Nikki

When you look at the photos of these five girls, NIkki is the most natural.  Is she at ease?  I’m not totally sure, but it comes across as honest & approachable.  I love this about her.  Nikki is back to her shining best in this dress, combining the element of risk that she loves with the sequins, but the dress’s shape is totally classic, making a wonderful combination!  Styling as always, on point!

Nikki silver dress the bachelor

Dress – Amy Taylor

Earrings, Ring and Bracelet – Swarovski

Shoes – Windsor Smith

Number 2 – Alex

I want to love Alex, but something stops me.  This dress is goreous on Alex, but I always feel she’s a little over the top with her accessories.  Bracelet, earrings, big hair.  I think the dress says enough.  What do you think?  Nice to see Alex in something a little more “grown up” tonight.  This is an Elle Zeitoune dress – it’s Alexa in wine, I could only find it in white on their website.

Alex the bachelor lace red dress

Dress – Elle Zeitoune

Bracelets – Adorne and Salsuli

Rings – Lovisa

Earrings – Salsuli

Shoes – Windsor Smith

Number 3 – Faith

Love Faith in this Sheike Verona Maxi Dress.  It’s super youthful & finally suits Faith’s fun & energetic personality.  Enough with the old lady dresses!  Sad to see you go Faith!

Faith the bachelor dress red

Dress – Sheike

Earrings – Salsuli

Ring – Samantha Wills

Cuff – Salsuli

Shoes – Windsor Smith

Number 4 – Olena

Olena is becoming the poster girl for Amy Taylor, she’s worn them a lot over the season & is even on their Instagram account today sporting a jewelled ring on her engagement finger… hmmm.  Any way, love the whole two piece thing on Olena, it suits her, although I’m not entirely sure about her hair tonight, what do you think?

Olena the bachelor dress

Skirt and Top – Amy Taylor

Cuff and Earrings – Fiel Sol

Shoes – Windsor Smith

Number 5 – Rachael

Still channelling that wedding vibe & looking like the cat that got the cream!  I do like this new, understated Rachael, more about the girl within rather than all the legs, boobs & legs on show.  Subtle styling & hair too, I like it.  Another Elle Zeitoune dress, this Becca gown is also available in black.

Rachael the bachelor dress

Dress – Elle Zeitoune

Earrings – Salsuli

Cuff – Samantha Wills

Shoes – Novo Shoes

So, the home stretch, quite literally.  Tomorrow night Richie is off to visit the girl’s at home, which is always a wonderfully staged collection of awkward relatives & invasive questioning, bring it on!


Photos thanks to Ten.











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