Top Five Frocks – Episode 1 The Bachelor Australia 2016

July 28, 2016

The Bachelor Australia

It’s back!!!

I toyed with the idea of not re-capping The Bachelor’s bachelorette frocks for this season, but after watching the first episode last night, I couldn’t resist going another round this season!

I’m not going to be giving a run down of what happened in each episode, there’s way too many people doing a very fine job of that out there already – here on Forty Up, it’s going to be all about the frocks.  And to keep it positive I’ll be featuring only my favourite frocks each night, not the worst.  There’s enough of that doing the rounds too!

The first episode is particularly hard to judge in one sense because you don’t know the girls yet, on the other hand, the dress should represent the girl’s personality if she’s getting picked on a purely first impression!  Lordy, lord, there is so much I don’t like about this show – but oh my goodness there is so much hilarity as well!

So, this is all purely my humble opinion, I’d love for you to tell me in the comments below what you agreed or disagreed with!  There was a lot of glitz, thighs & plunging necklines this episode!

It’s also particularly hard to only pick 5 dresses out of 20!

Let the judging begin!

Firstly, let’s meet our Bachelor for 2016, Richie, famously coming 2nd on The Bachelorette – these girls obviously have no problems with sloppy seconds – but he does seem to be rather lovely, & cute – & he’s a Perth boy!  What’s not to love?


The Bachelor 2016

Suit, Shirt, Bow Tie: Dom Bagnato

Shoes: Aquila

Cufflinks: Thomas Sabo

Watch: TW Steel

Number 1 – Nikki

Nikki was the first girl Richie met which is a pretty tough job when you’re followed up by 19 other girls.  I think she looked sensational, it was my fave dress from beginning to end!

The Bachelor Dresses 2016

Dress: Jason Grech

Earrings and Ring: Swarovski

Shoes: Windsor Smith

Number 2 – Eliza

Ok, Eliza is a fruitcake, but when she first got out of the car with that bond girl type music playing in the background she looked smoking!  This is a Wheels & Doll Baby dress which we haven’t seen in the previous season, I hope we get to see more like it!

The Bachelor Dresses 2016

Dress: Wheels and Dollbaby

Earrings, Ring, Bracelet: Samantha Wills

Shoes: Wittner

Number 3 – Noni

The undies!  They’re not undies, they’re part of the outfit & I think Noni looked total celebrity in this skirt & top.  Very Chrissy Tighe or JLo.  You go girl!

The Bachelor 2016 Dresses

Top and Skirt: Amy Taylor

Earrings: Colette

Rings: Samantha Wills

Shoes: Windsor Smith

Number 4 – Alex

Alex is probably the odds on favourite to win right now.  This dress isn’t anything flashy, but the colour is amazing & it fits her like a glove.  It’s Elle Zeitoune which we saw a lot of last season.

The Bachelor Dresses 2016

Dress: Elle Zeitoune Luxe

Earrings: Salsuli

Bangle and earrings: Samantha Wills

Shoes: Windsor Smith

Number 5 – Vintaea

Controversial choice?  Poor old Vintaea, I loved her old school glamour, so sophisticated until she spoke!  She just didn’t realise what she’d gotten herself in for – but I thought she looked lovely!

The Bachelor Dresses 2016

Dress: George Elsissa

Earrings: House of Emmanuele

Shoes: Novo Shoes


So what do you think?  Who wore your fave frock this week?

All photos courtesy of Ten – you can catch up on all the Bachelorettes & all their outfits here too!


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