Top Five Frocks – Episode 3 The Bachelor Australia 2016

August 4, 2016

The Bachelor Fashion

We all know the saying, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  In saying that, I will waste no time in heading straight into tonight’s Top 5 Frocks from this evening’s Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony.

Number 1 – Nikki

I love, love, love Nikki’s versatility!  Last week she was all sequins & rock chick, this week she’s classic modern day Princess.

The Bachelor Australia fashion

Dress – Sheike

Shoes – Novo Shoes

Ring, Earrings and Bracelets – Samantha Wills

Number 2 – Megan

Megan is one stunning girl – she’s statuesque, amazing hair, kilowatt smile & a gorgeous body!  Tonight she finally wore a dress that made use of all she’s got!

The Bachelor Australia 2016

Dress – George Wu

Shoes – Wittner

Earrings – House of Emmanuele

Number 3 – Olena

Cool & classic, Olena has a simple pared down style which lets her personality shine through without her fashion choice swamping her.  Supermodel cool.


Dress – Amy Taylor

Shoes – Novo Shoes

Ring & Earrings – House of Emmanuele

Number 4 – Keira

Keira keeps telling us what great style she has, but it’s been all talk & no action until now.  She doesn’t look as severe tonight, the colour is killer on her & her accessories on point!

The Bachelor Australia fashion

Dress – Langham Swish Clothing

Shoes – Tony Bianco

Cuff & Earrings – House of Emmanuele

Number 5 – Alex

Alex comes in at Number 5 tonight on two factors – it’s gutsy & my friend Jenni loved this look.  I’m not convinced about Alex or this outfit – what do you think??

The Bachelor Fashion 2016

Jumpsuit – Guess by Marciano

Shoes – Windsor Smith

Earrings – Samantha Wills

Rings – Sally Skoufis

Choker – Kookai

So, who wore your Top 5 Frocks tonight?  Have you got a front runner for Richie’s heart yet?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

All images courtesy of Ten.






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