Top 3 Frocks – Episode 10 The Bachelor Australia 2016

September 1, 2016

The Bachelor Dresses

So much prettiness Episode 10!  Yay!  Finally!  It was an easy Top 3 for me tonight, about time The Bachelor stylists!  Tonight I’m going to use my powers of observation & try to interpret what each frock conveys emotionally for each of the 3 girls.  What do you think of my guess work?

Number 1 – Olena

Olena is soft & subtle tonight, a vision of loveliness – a long way from the clean lines & block colours of the first few episodes – does this mean Olena is in love???  There’s certainly a dreamy like expression in this pick – or maybe Olena is just a great model!  We’ll have to wait & see!  Olena is wearing a The Bachelor designer favourite, Amy Taylor – they are running an Instagram competition to win $2000 of Amy Taylor gowns at the moment if you want to channel some Olena gorgeousness – you can check it out here.

Olena The Bachelor

Top and Skirt – Amy Taylor

Earrings – Salsuli

Bracelet – Swarovski

Shoes – Tony Bianco

Number 2 – Nikki

Ok, Nikki is looking red hot sexy tonight, but still subtle & understated.  None of the bold & brash choices we’ve seen in previous episodes.  So I’m going to go all out & say Nikki is feeling safe & secure in herself right now, no need to throw it all out there.  Still gorgeous but without anything over the top.  Love it!

Nikki Dress The Bachelor

Dress – Elle Zeitoune

Ring and Earrings – Salsuli

Shoes – Tony Bianco

Number 3 – Rachael

Hmmm.  What to say about this look for Rachael?  It’s a little wedding inspired, so I’m thinking Rachael is all over this game!  She’s living the dream already!  Rachael has a gorgeous figure & it’s nice to see her tonight not putting it all on display but still showing off what she has subtly.  Love that she’s pared it all back a bit tonight with the palest of pinks.  (This dress has detachable straps a nice little bonus!).

Rachael Dress The Bachelor

Dress – Elle Zeitoune

Earrings – Colette

Bangles – Swarovski

Shoes – Windsor Smith


Did my lack of a Psyc degree show in my evaluations?  How do you think the girl’s style has progressed throughout the series?  Thanks to Ten for the images.








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