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May 20, 2014

We’ve really been cramming in the stuff in the last few days!! We all had a list of must dos while we were in New York & in our last 2 days we’ve been busy ticking them off!!

We’ve spent quite a bit of time walking through Central Park. Other than our birthday lunch day when we ran through CP in the rain, the sun has been shining & it was gorgeous to be in the gardens in the New York Spring!

Lizzie & LJ went and got their gallery fix by visiting the Fricke Collection. Lins, Mel, Aly & I went exploring through the Upper West. Mel & I finally got to eat a Corn Dog from a cart, not bad!

Brunch is a big deal in NY, on the weekend there isn’t another menu option, so today our brunch at Sarabeth’s opposite Central Park included a coffee & a Boody Mary!

We lined up in Times Square for our cheap Broadway tickets, a friend if Liza’s had recommended the 7 of us go & see Rock of Ages. Standing in the line alone was an experience, all the different shows are out advertising their tickets which makes for an entertaining 15 minute wait. And hello! It’s crazy Times Square!!!

We nearly saw a celebrity!! Denzel Washington is in a Broadway Show Raisin in the Sun at the moment & his matinee was ending as we walked past. We joined the masses waiting to see him come out, but no joy!

We made it to the 203 Rooftop bar which was on our list of must dos for the amazing view of the Empire State Building! The view was amazing, but otherwise we didn’t rate it.

We headed over to Brooklyn yesterday morning & had a coffee & bagel for brekkie, then split up into two groups, half hired bikes & the other half strolling. We soaked up the hipster vibe in the sun and checked out the local flea markets. We had tacos & guacamole for lunch yummo!

We sped across the Brooklyn bridge in a yellow cab feeling like an action star in a blockbuster movie!

Quick stop to see the Statue of Liberty, another tick off the list! We walked round to see the sombre 911 memorial & then got blown away walking along the fabulous Highline. Managed to squeeze in a quick mojito & surprise, surprise, more shopping!

Dinner was a recommendation from a local friend of Cath’s, Margaux’s at the Marlton Hotel. Gorgeous typical NY cafe style, we loved it.

Our apartment is getting shabby! We really only sleep there, but our washing piles are growing & the suitcases are starting to overflow. Trying not to think about leaving in a few days!

Our apartment is on 37th & Lexington Ave in Midtown. We have 3 bathrooms, 1 of which has no water pressure, 1 that doesn’t drain & 1 that’s usable!

We have 5 bedrooms, Cath is in the only downstairs bedroom, it doesn’t get the traffic noise, but the pigeons are loud! Linsey & Liz are on the couch beds in the living area downstairs, no bedding provided, so they have to cuddle up! Liza & I have the 2 front bedrooms, the traffic noise is continuous & we’re on a quiet street!! Mel is at the back, she’s got the pigeons too!

We have 3 flights of rickety stairs to get up to our apartment, it was a mission to get our cases up there, not looking forward to getting our cases back down!!


Dinner at Margeux



Statue of Liberty (behind our big heads!)


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