These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

May 15, 2014
In the immortal words of Jay Z, big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York!The last two days on reflection have been a bit of a blur, hopefully today we’ve finally kicked our jetlag & the fog we’ve had, or as Linsey puts it, the Tetris in her head, has gone & we’re a little more clear headed.Our apartment is perfect! Not exactly 5 star, but big enough, on a cute street and close enough to walk to anything that matters!

We’ve eaten at our local diner Scotty’s, where the burgers come with fries, a side of coleslaw & a pickle!  Serious business & a very cool, low key NYC experience.

We had breakfast at Central Station institution Pershing Square with a cappuccino not a coffee, brown toast & no orange juice!  And we finally got brave enough to try the famous bottomless cup of coffee! Well, some of us did hey Mel?!

We took the New York sightseeing bus on a tour of Downtown, our guide the hilarious Phyllis filling us in on Soho, Noho & Dumbo.  Caught a glimpse of Wall St, the Woolworth building where Mariah Carey lives and gazed up at the Empire State Building.  We ate lunch in Little Italy & shopped on Broadway!

And boy have we shopped!  Shoes, sneakers, dresses, jackets, accessories, we’ve got enough stuff between us to open our own store!!  There’s been some serious kms walked!

Our night at Lady Gaga in Madison Square Gardens is a night I will never forget, even though the g&ts consumed have made the end of the evening a little hazy!  Our seats were in the nosebleed section, so we headed to the bar & watched the show from there.  The sound, lights & vibe were incredible & we danced the night away!

Can we count Lady Gaga as a celebrity sighting??  If not, how about President of the USA Mr Barack Obama????  Ok, so we didn’t see him & Michelle in the flesh, but we did stand just off 5th Avenue while what appeared to be the entire NYPD shut down the city for his car to drive through town!  Lots of secret service & excited New Yorkers made for a fun & unexpected experience, a special thank you to Lizzie for making that happen!!

Had an amazing meal at Buddakan in the meat packing district last night.  The food, service (think the US might be onto something with this tipping thing, great service at a restaurant, unheard of!) and design of this Sex and the City star was perfect for a girls night out.  Loved it!

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