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The Really Cool Mothers, Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 10, 2017

Cool Mum Gift Guide

As Mother’s Day rolls around for another year we are inundated by stores & brands with their ideas of things Mums really want for Mother’s Day!

Like fluffy dressing gowns, teddy bears holding love hearts, hand cream & foot spas (or god forbid one of those things that removes dead skin from your feet)!

I’m here to tell you & remind you kiddies that there is a whole world of gifts us Mother’s would like to receive on Mother’s Day & none of those items are on it!  Well, ok, maybe a nice hand cream….. But I digress!

I’ve rounded up a bunch of amazing women who also happen to be Mama’s!  And I asked them what they’d REALLY love to receive for Mother’s Day (including me!)

We all came up with some brilliant ideas!


Elsa-Rene Mitchell

Mum to Coco, 9, twins Charlie & Indianna, 6, & Jett age 2

Owner & Stylist at Spoilt Hair Retreat & Partner of B-Directory

Spoilt Hair Retreat

“For Mother’s Day I would love a beautiful coffee from Canteen down at Trigg, some sunshine & a long walk along the coast.

AND a pair of Adidas Original Stan Smith shoes in white.

Fresh for winter.

You can purchase them online at The Iconic.  (Super easy husband!)”

Jenni Eyles

Mum to Joel, 22 & Blake, 19 (Harvey the Fur-baby is 6)

Award winning Blogger at Styling Curvy

Styling Curvy

“My birthday always falls near Mother’s Day so it always feels a bit greedy to ask for too much. I know I’m worth it but the budget takes a hit plus I’m asking the Huz and two sons to shop twice, think of two gifts…I reckon that’s a pretty big ask of dudes.

Usually one event is way better than the other gift wise but both have the good feels. This year I’m walking in the Mothers Day Classic bright and early and it’s almost always in cold and drizzle. Sounds crap but it’s actually something close to my heart and that one hour dressed in pink, walking amongst other amazing people will make my heart swell. Then I want to head home, get dressed and have the 3 men in my life take me out for a meal. Nothing fancy, but definitely not shit.

It’s all about the little things like the hug I hardly ever get any more, spending time together and seeing my boys smile.. up close. Kids grow so quick, and then one day you find yourself torn between giving them the finger (not even behind their back) and wanting them to stay yours forever.

My boys can frustrate the shit outta me some days but man I love them. I’m proud of them too. I need to tell them that more.  So if I get a hug, an inappropriate card and a belly laugh over lunch with my boys then my Mother’s day is made. Of course a boogie in the lounge room to some sick beats from the BOSE system that’s on my birthday/mothers day list would make it complete.

P.S. it’s the only thing on my list so they had better not stuff it up.”

Malinda Coppola

Mum to Grace, 16 in July & Joshua will be 14 in December

Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer at The Style Within

Malinda Coppola

“For my dream Mothers Day gift I couldn’t go past practicality as I think a trip to Paris is out of the question ha ha ha!

So what I really need is new Winter pj’s and I love these ones from Peter Alexander“.


Corinne Kenny

Mum to Lucas, 6 & Jasper 11 (brand new fur baby Sven is only 12 weeks old!)

 Visual Artist at Jade Made Arts

Jade Made Arts

“The perfect mother’s day gift for me is a day full of lovely family time & lots of cuddles with my boys!

Regarding an actual ‘gift’, I recently treated myself and bought the BYREDO “Flowerhead” perfume & I am obsessed!

I would love to get another fragrance in their range “Gypsy Water”… Its delish!”



Jasmine Hunt

Mama to two girls, Hannah 3.5 & Audrey 18 months

Blogger at Pretty Chuffed

Pretty Chuffed

“In reality I will be happy with a hand made card and a hot coffee (breakfast out would be extra amazing!), & a bonus if I didn’t have to wash up all day!

But I’d actually love some new slip on shoes like the Evie Bow Mules or a Sportsgirl Embellished Clutch.

I love gifts that are a bit fun and I wouldn’t necessarily buy myself.”


Shannon Drummond

Mama to Oakley, 9 & The D-Man, 6

Blogger at Forty Up

Cool Mums


“I’m going to be away from my kidlets this Mother’s Day – I will be embracing some serious peace & quiet instead of the usual chaos!  I will miss it though & I am sure that I will get plenty of make up kisses & cuddles when I get back home!

But I’d really love something I could put on the blank space of wall that looks at me every night & I think the gorgeous Pinch Me Beautiful has got it sorted with her Macy Gray hand woven wall hanging! It’s just beautiful!!!”.


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