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The Pits

July 5, 2014

We are lucky to have two living areas in our house.  The first at the front of the house we call “The Grown Up” room, the other is affectionately known as “The Pit”.  One is obviously for the grown ups, the other for the kids.

Unfortunately up until this point, the Grown Up room has been the preferred room for the whole family, which kind of defeats the purpose of the two defined spaces & makes for a stressed Mr D who after a busy day at the office isn’t in favour of Lego mess all over the floor or headstands in front of the News.

This led Mr D & myself to conclude that The Pit needed a makeover.  Oaks & The D Man are 7 & 3 years old respectively, which means their living area has only a few basic needs,  low maintenance furniture, a TV, somewhere to colour, draw & eat snacks as well as room for various gymnastic/dancing/playing activities.  Currently, this room contains a beige pleather couch that we bought 2nd hand a year ago, a tatty stained seisal rug, a TV & the usual ton of kids books, games & dvds.  Very uninspiring.

The other issue is the layout of The Pit.  It’s a 1980s add on to an original 1950s home.  So ignoring the beige, bordering on apricot floor tiles, The Pit is actually the main thoroughfare from the original front home & the new back door.  It also has entries to the laundry, 2 bedrooms & the study.  That’s 5 doorways!  Makes for tricky furniture placement!!

So, with our child friendly, small budget design plan in mind, we headed for the ever trusty Ikea!  For under $1000 we picked up a bright & comfy 3 seater couch, a rug & a coffee table – stoked!

Maybe a painted feature wall or some bright & funky prints for the wall & I think we’ll be done.  And the kids love it!  Maybe Mr D & I will get the Grown Up room back after all!

Here’s our Ikea purchases & the installation of the new & improved Pit!

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