The February Book Review!

February 5, 2015


I was lucky enough to spend enough plane/train/bus hours on my Japan trip to get quite a bit of reading done.  How’s the wonders of modern technology & the joy of downloading books to my phone?!  Ingenious!!  Gone are the days of lugging round your 3kg copy of Lonely Planet let alone any novels you might have cared to catch up on while backpacking through Europe!!  Kids these days don’t know how lucky they’ve got it!!  Anyway, my age aside, here are 3 of the books I have read in the last month, they are The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty, The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais & Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer.

The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty

I love reading Australian novels & Liane Moriarty is fast becoming one of my favourites.  I recently finished her Big Little Lies, which I loved, so couldn’t wait to get stuck into another!  Liane manages to create a suspense out of the everyday.  From the first page of the story you are caught wondering where it’s going.  The element of surprise is always there & makes for an intriguing read.

This is the story of our Hypnotist Ellen & her pursuit of love.  Dealing with her own emotional baggage, previous relationships with men & her family, all the while made more difficult by the issues of her patients & Ellen’s endeavours to help them.
Finally she meets the man of her dreams, only to realise that he has baggage all of his own, including a crazy ex-stalker.  Living almost parallel lives, Saskia the stalker & Ellen both strive for the “happy ending” they think they both want, but to what end?

I really enjoyed this story, it was a nice easy read with laugh out loud moments & plenty of parts to make you think.

I give it 7/10

The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais

I picked this book because I saw the preview for the movie version at the cinema recently & thought the film looked nice.  I love to read a novel before I see the movie!

The novel follows the story of Hassan Haji, a young man growing up in Mumbai surrounded by family in their local restaurant where Hassan learns & loves to cook.  Tragedy forces the Haji’s from their home & they embark on a culinary journey to find their new start in a small village in rural France.

Here the larger than life Haji family open an Indian restaurant in direct opposition both literally & figuratively, to the town’s famous French restaurant.  Chaos & calamity ensue with the locals & the proper Proprietor of their competition, Madame Mallory.  A bitter feud between the rival restaurateurs eventuates with Madame Mallory taking the talented young Hassan under her wing, recognising his talent & mentoring him.

From here, life takes Hassan to Paris where his hard work & honesty pays off – or does it?

I didn’t love this book.  I skimmed pages, I didn’t get the joy & satisfaction from the story line that I thought the story deserved.  Maybe I’ll like the movie better!!

I give it 4/10

Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer

Ok, so this is no new release I know, in fact it was written in 1979, but it’s an historical novel so when it was written doesn’t really matter.  And I’m a little bit of a Jeffrey Archer nerd, so was keen to cross this one off my list.

This is a typical Archer saga, spanning countries & generations & liberally sprinkled with historical events & people throughout.  It focuses on two men born on the same date (18 April 1906) on opposite sides of the world & into vastly different cultures.  William Lowell Kane from a wealthy & powerful American family while Abel Rosnovski is a Pole born into poverty.

The two have a matched drive to succeed & we follow their rise & falls throughout their boyhood, their careers & loves as young men & their bitter rivalry in old age.  The story also encompasses the lives of their children Richard & Florentyna who fall in love, a little typically, in Romeo & Juliet style.  Will the now two old men ever put aside their histories for the sake of their families?

I loved this book.  If you love a good old fashioned love story, spanning countries, history & generations, then this has got all your bases covered.  A really easy, fun, absorbing read.

I give it 8/10

Have you read any great books lately?  Care to share?  Have you read any of these – what did you think?

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