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The Bachelor Fashion – Rose Ceremony Number 9

August 27, 2015

The Bachelor Australia Rose Ceremony

Rose Ceremony Number 9 bought with it two new Bachelorettes to the mansion.  And I’m sure if the show’s producers had anything to do with it, they were hand picked to be just right for Sam our Bachelor.  Be prepared for fireworks!  And indeed, fireworks is what we got this episode thanks to Emily our resident nasty girl.  We will miss you & your smoking frock choices Emily!

Here for your enjoyment, are the Top 3 Frocks from The Bachelor this week.

Number 1, Emily

The Bachelor Rose Ceremony Emily

Emily went home this week.  I wish she’d walked out right as the Rose Ceremony began, it would’ve been so more powerful than leaving it to the last minute & looking like you were a sore loser! Needless to say, Emily does not look like a sore loser in this gorgeous frock.  Love the colour!

Dress – Elle Zeitoune

Earrings and Ring – Salsuli

Bracelets – Sally Skoufis

Shoes – Tony Bianco


Number 2, Snezana

The Bachelor Rose Ceremony Seznana

There really isn’t a week when Snez looks ordinary.  She loves a bit of glitz & keeping it simple really works for her with this look.

Dress – Elle Zeitoune

Earrings, Bangle and Ring – Samantha Wills

Shoes – Zu Shoes


Number 3, Sarah

Sarah The Bachelor

Ah Sarah in another Keepsake frock, she seems to have found her safe place with this label!  Although this dress doesn’t tick all the boxes for me, I think it suits Sarah perfectly.

Dress – Keepsake

Earrings and Ring – Samantha Wills

Shoes – Zu Shoes


So there you are my friends, love them or hate them, there’s my Top 3 Frocks from The Bachelor for Week 9.  Although the intruders did make an appearance on tonight’s episode, there were no photos of them on the Ten Network website, where I obtained all these photos & you can see all the Bachelorettes in all their frock glory!  Until tomorrow night my friends!


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