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The Bachelor Fashion – Rose Ceremony Number 13

September 10, 2015

The Bachelor Rose Ceremony Number 13

Well, here we are, Rose Ceremony Number 13 & perhaps the unluckiest so far!  I am so sad to say good bye to Nina, who was my favourite, although I must admit, I just knew wasn’t going to end up with Sam.  Frankly Nina, you can do so much better!!!

I know I have continuously said that this is a positive fashion forum, we’re here to discuss the highlights, not bring the girls down, but the fashion tonight was less than ordinary.  In fact, the couches were more interesting, and gee, there were a lot of them!  I love this recap on the couches, have a giggle here.

There did seem to be more emphasis on the accessories this evening which was refreshing.  I had a bit of trouble finding direct links to the girl’s outfits this week, but I have found a few of the accessories to make up for it.  And there’s some bargains to be had as well!

There are five girls left in this Rose Ceremony & because I really didn’t love any of the looks, we’re going to do all five.  In no particular order, other than Snez being first because she is from W.A. & my home girl (really, I don’t think Sam’s the guy for you Snez, onwards & upwards I say!).


The Bachelor Australia Fashion


Rock star chic – Snez nails this look yet again!  I couldn’t find her dress in the link provided, I’m guessing it’s old or new stock, but I did find her arm cuff – $12.95 at Colette!

Dress – Elle Zeitoune

Arm Cuff – Colette

Earrings – Lovisa

Shoes – Tony Bianco


The Bachelor Australia Sarah



This dress is just a hot mess, it looks like she lost her dress somewhere on the way, so threw a curtain over her petticoat to cover it up.  It actually looks  better in this photo than it did on the night.

Dress – Seduce

Rings and Earrings – Colette

Shoes – Zu Shoes


The Bachelor Australia Rose Ceremony Nina


Nina’s top from Sheike is currently on sale on line for $69.  I couldn’t find a link to her skirt, but I have the link to her gorgeous dove necklace & those divine cuffs, which are $520 a piece!

Top – Sheike

Skirt – Lucid

Shoe – Zu Shoes

Earrings – Samantha Wills

Necklace – Doury

Cuffs – Sally Skoufis


The Bachelor Australia Lana


Erm, flirting with her raunchy side a little tonight, not sure I like it…..

Dress – Harpers Dresses

Heels – Tony Bianco

Rings and Earrings – Colette


The Bachelor Australia Heather


White lace, don’t get me started, but you can pick up this dress for $50 on sale in limited sizes on line, just follow the Winona link below.

Dress – Winona

Shoes – Tony Bianco

Earrings and Ring – Samantha Wills

Tattoo – Lovisa


Now that we’ve lost Nina & we’re down to Sam’s four favourite girls, let’s hope that the next round of dresses is extra special!  Have you picked the winner?  I mean, have you picked the love of Sam’s life yet?

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