The Babysitters Club – So Many Memories

June 5, 2015

Babysitting memories with Forty Up

Babysitters are a hot commodity.I’m lucky enough to have my parents pretty much on call if we need them to look after the kids.  This is especially useful if we have plans & the kids have a sleep over at their place on a weekend.  That means we can come home whatever time we like, in whatever condition, not have to make small talk or hand over the correct amount of cash after a drink or too!  Getting up in the morning with a cracking headache is far more bearable without the little terrors!

Many of my friends no longer have parents around, or are of an age that’s unsuitable to handle the kids.  Or they live overseas or interstate. That’s when you have to get your hands on a babysitter.  If you’re lucky you’ve got a niece or nephew that’s up for the job, otherwise you have to resort to an Agency which can mean big bucks depending on whether you’re ducking out to a movie or all day to a wedding!

As my parents get older & there’s been times I’ve noticed how tired they are after having the kids for a while, I got to thinking about my babysitter growing up.

It was my Nana, my Dad’s Mum, Beth.  She was widowed twice, both before I was born, so she always looked after my younger brother & I on her own.

I have so many special memories of the times I spent being babysat by her, I thought I might share some of them with you.  I love the idea that my kids are building memories with my parents whenever they are being looked after by their Grandparents too.

After my bath, my Nana scrubbed my hair with a towel, I mean scrubbed!! It’s lucky my neck was never broken.She had a stool in the bathroom that I thought was the most beautiful piece of furniture I had ever seen.  Gold scrolling legs & mauve faux fur cushion on top – 70s glam at it’s best!

Nana was a Dress Maker, her sewing room was a room of mystery to me.  I amazed at how she could control the pedal of her sewing machine alternating between full speed & concentrated snail’s pace.  Her scissors flew, the fabric swirled & I loved picking up all her dropped pins & putting them back in the pin cushion.  I still have her diary that she kept the measurements of her clients in, I love flicking through & seeing how my measurements changed as I grew….

My Nana had a dressing table in her bedroom with little drawers full of costume jewellery that I loved to rummage through.  She also had the most amazing opal brooch that I coveted.  I was lucky enough to receive it from her on my 21st birthday.

Above the dining room table was a little set of wall mounted shelves that housed the many treasures I wasn’t allowed to touch.  My favourite was a little set of glass pigs, which I was allowed to sit & play with occasionally.  I loved those pigs!

My Nana made us dinners that Mum would’ve never served at home.  Ham steaks with a big tinned pineapple ring on top, with peas & mash potatoes – delicious!  Or Pizza Subs bought at the Supermarket served with Pomme Noisettes!!!  Life didn’t get much better than dinner time at Nanas!

Lastly, my Nana had a garden that seemed like the Botanical Gardens to me.  When it was close to the time for me to get picked up, Nana would take me out to the garden & we’d pick my Mum a bunch of flowers for me to give her.  Hands down, favourite part of the day.

Do you have some favourite babysitting memories?  Did you babysit the neighbours kids when you were at school?

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