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Ten Gorgeous Gifts for a Ten Year Old

September 27, 2017

Gifts for Tween Girls| 1.Pavement Baby Animal Socks – on sale $5!!! | 2.  Pop Cultcha Evie $19 | 3. Hello Kit Co Pom Pom Maker $27

| 4. Kikki K Sweet Mini Stationery Set $15 | 5. Officeworks Anime Art Set $17

| 6. Toys R Us Tamagotchi $40 | 7. Typo Pink Donut Float Away Pen $8 | 9. Typo Blue Donut Deluxe Pencil Case $20

| 10. Dymocks Women In Science Book $27


Here’s ten of Oak’s fave gifts she received for her 10th birthday earlier this month!

Being ten in our house means;

  • We love cats!
  • Disney Descendants is the movie of the moment & Evie is our number 1 poster child.
  • Reading is one of our most fave things to do – the Andy Griffith Treehouse Series is still a winner.
  • Experimenting & crafting are king! (Please let the slime craze be over with asap!!)
  • You CANNOT have enough stationery, like, ever.
  • Drawing is now a serious hobby.  We have folders full of artwork & this school holidays has seen the creation of our own comics.
  • Tamagotchi – how deliciously retro!!  (Unfortunately it beeps every two minutes to be fed & I am the only one who seems to hear it!!)

Do you have a ten year old?  Would they love anything on this list?

You can read the letter I wrote to my 10 year old here.




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