Taking Stock & I’m Not Talking Chicken….

October 14, 2014

Taking Stock Forty Up

I’m taking some inspiration from fellow Clever Cookie bloggers Our Urban Box & Gee You’re Brave today.  They’ve both completed the Taking Stock post originally from Meet Me At Mike’s.  I liked the idea too, we could all do with Taking Stock of things sometimes & as I begin on this Blogging journey, what better time than now?  (I’ve also been mentally & physically shattered by the school holidays & my brain is a little slow on the uptake of what to blog about today!!)

Making:  Pretty pictures with some new software, Picmonkey & Canva – look out!
Cooking:  Stir fry chicken & friend rice for dinner tonight
Drinking:  Water, I will work out this morning!!
Reading:  The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory.  I’ve read all her books, I think I have a thing for stories where I already know the ending!
Wanting:  Some down time!  In Bali, either a towel on the beach or a sun lounger by the pool, I’m not fussy!
Looking:  At blogs, all the time!  For ideas, inspiration & laughs!
Playing:  Uno, Frozen cards I got at the market in Hong Kong, it’s been the game of the holidays!
Deciding:  Whether I need to go to the shops this afternoon or not!
Wishing: I had more time in the day
Enjoying:  The silence that is my house today!
Waiting:  For summer to hit!
Liking: Hubble & Duke, the cutest baby moccasins you’ll ever find – & made in WA
Wondering: Where I can buy some cute neon pots for my back patio
Loving: The fact that my cleaning lady came yesterday & my house is clean!
Pondering: The topic of my next blog…..
Considering: Never writing another blog!
Watching:  Quirke, omg the first episode nearly killed me!!!  Check it out!
Hoping: I can get on top of my To Do list today!
Marvelling: At the organisation skills that some people have – Love, Life & Hiccups!
Needing:  Some Panadol, think I have my kid’s cold coming on……
Smelling: The plastic of my shiny new PC
Wearing:  My trackies, gearing up for a walk this morning!
Following: LIttle Miss Bali – the pics she posts on Instagram make me happy!
Noticing: Gypsy Lovin Light – amazing style & gorgeous photos of my home town beaches!
Knowing: I will never have the style of Gypsy Lovin Light!
Thinking: About my upcoming trip to Japan, so much to plan!
Admiring:  Rowe Timson – a mentor on my Clever Cookie blog course, I love her work & she’s been a super awesome help over these last 4 weeks!  Looking forward to her happy snaps from Japan on Instagram
Sorting:  Photos from our girl’s trip to the U.S. all the way back in May of this year.  Over 3000 photos between us, I volunteered to turn them into a photobook – silly me!
Buying: Some pretty bits for my new home office – Typo here I come!
Getting:  My son’s hair cut this afternoon if it kills both of us!
Bookmarking: A Weekend Chef – Perth based food reviews & gorgeous photos!  Low Key Chow House here I come!
Disliking:  My 3 year old’s current aversion to the word “No”
Opening: So much email!!  HELP!!!!
Giggling: At Viber, my friends never fail to crack me up!
Feeling:  Excited about a new project I have dreamt up for my blog!
Snacking:  Caramel Lindt Balls, very bad I know, but left over from a birthday hamper & must be eaten!!
Coveting:  A Border Print Maxi skirt from Bohemian Traders!
Wishing:  For a little love in the world
Helping: Out some friends with playdates tomorrow
Hearing: Anything by Ariana Grande courtesy of my 7 year old

There you go!  I’ve Taken Stock – what about you – could you answer all of these?  I do love a form, so I’ll let you off if it’s not your cup of tea!

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