Style Dare

September 19, 2014
I’m a stay at home Mum who loves fashion.  I do however have some criteria my wardrobe must fulfil for it to do it’s job. 

It’s for the most part, got to be comfortable, this means cool when it’s hot, toasty when it’s not.  I don’t want boobs or bums peeping out at the park.  And it’s usually colours & patterns that won’t show up the wiped snot (not my own!), the chocolate finger prints (sometimes my own!) or the splashes from the cooking of that night’s dinner.

A price point is also important, so I try to mix up some pricey pieces that I know will stand the test of time, along with lots of little cheepy latest & greatest!

I decided to take on Fox in Flats Style Dare.  I’ve been loving it!  I haven’t had to step far outside my own comfort zone, but it’s let me think a little differently before I reach for the same old fave pair of jeans & tshirt each day.  So.  I’m going to share them with you each week, just in case you don’t follow me already on Instagram.  And if you don’t, you can join my adventures here!

Monday: MAXI

I really splurged on this Trenery grey/silver cardigan this winter.  At the time I felt the silver in it might be too much & I wouldn’t wear it as often as I would need to.  But, I haven’t taken it off!  It’s comfy, it’s long, warm & it’s been washed & washed & washed!  You might find it on a sale rack in a Trenery store somewhere, but it’s no longer available online.

My maxi dress is from Uptown Girl in Bali.  I bought it to wear belted & never have.  It is really long though so I always wear it with a knot tied at the front.

Sunglasses are my staples, Holbrook by Oakley, live in these!

No shoes for this shot, magical day here in Perth, loved getting the tootsies out!


Had to explain what Nautical meant to my 7 year old photographer this morning – wasn’t easy!  Will have to google a pic of a sailor in a stripey shirt from a long time ago for her!

I love my navy & white stripe top I got from a little side street store in Hong Kong earlier this year.  It’s got a neon orange trim which I love!

My throw back 80s acid wash cargos are from Rusty, last season.

Shoes, old news too, espadrilles on sale from Rubi Shoes.

I don’t have any fringing in my wardrobe!!  Other than my Mink Pink bag that has been my everyday go to this Winter.

It’s big, its soft & it’s a little bit rock chick!

I bought it in the Post Christmas sales at David Jones earlier this year. 

So what do you think of this week’s style dare?  I think I managed to fulfil the brief & still stay true to my wardrobe criteria!  Have you ever tried the Fox In Flats Style Dare?  If you do, let me know so I can follow you!
Thursday: WHITE OUT

This is my favourite purchase this season – I wear it ALL the time, it goes with everything.  I haven’t owned a white shirt since my teenage office days, now I wonder why!  It’s a Trenery Modal Blouse – and it’s currently on sale here!.

My Slim Vintage Grey Jeans are Trenery too.  I bought them on a bit of a whim, the girl in the shop was wearing them & I thought they looked great!  I think they are little too snug now, & I have to wash them after every wear because I always get them grubby!  But they do look awesome with a pair of black ankle boots!  They’re on sale here too!

Friday: LAYERS

What a beautiful spring day!  Perfect for layers!  So I’m off on the school run this morning, so got the toasty Trenery scarf to take off the chill, my fave Sportsgirl tshirt (I have one in both black & white) & a KMart kimono from last season.  Off to the school sports carnival this arvo, so easy to peel off the layers in the sunshine later on.

My Tiffany necklace that you can see in most of the pics I bought on my trip to New York this year as a 40th birthday present to me!

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