Style Dare Week 2

September 26, 2014
Still loving my Fox In Flats Style Dares!  Managed to get through another week although some are really a lot harder than others!  So, here they are:


20. LBD

I love this dress, I get so much wear out of it.  So easy to dress it up or down!  It’s last season Country Road, a comfy jersey fabric with a drop down waist & pockets!  My hat is a very expensive KMart special & black Haviana’s.  All perfect for an above average hot Spring Perth Saturday.


21. Bright

After the amazing weather we had for the previous day’s challenge, today’s weather was nasty!  Too scary to even leave the house, so had to use the “Bright” in a way that would convert to my day indoors.  My watch is a Casio Baby G, it is worn every day.  The assortment of bracelets are by Samantha Wills, I got on sale once upon a time, they were from a set called Living In America.  The last yellow braid is from the beach in Bali.


22. Marilyn

So this is one of the challenges I struggled with.  I would have loved to rock some Marilyn pin curls, but I’m a little time poor for that.  Low cut evening dress blowing in the wind, no.  But I’m a big fan of 50s & 60s fashion, so tried to recreate the cropped pant that Marilyn wore back in her casual heyday.  The pants are once again, last season Country Road, so much wear!  Flats from Target.  Denim shirt from GAP, San Francisco thank you very much!


23. Borrowed

The hardest one of the week for me!  I didn’t have any thing in my wardrobe that I’d borrowed!!  And short of borrowing something from another member of my household for the day, my hubby, 3 year old son or 7 year old daughter, I had to dig a little deeper!  Came up with this Ladakh dress which a friend of mine that was working for them at the time gave me because she didn’t want it.  I actually get a lot of wear out of it as a top.    My jeans are Trenery, my staple this winter and you can still buy them here!  And my boots by Adam Tucker were from Nordstrom in San Francisco & are possibly my favourite buy of my U.S. trip.  My jacket is Hudson.  I got it in Nordstrom Rack in San Francisco & I get complemented on it every time I wear it.  Nordstrom Rack is the sale/outlet store offshoot of Nordstrom the department store.  I highly recommend visiting a Nordstrom Rack store if you can – it’s heaven!!


24. Sport Luxe

Loved this one!  I think I might in fact wear Sport Luxe most days.  Just added some extra bling & I was there!  T-shirt, old fave, I’ve told you about my love for Sportsgirl basic tees, this one in grey, you can buy it here.  These are Sportsgirl pants from last season too, silky with a drawstring, comfy with a bit of glam.

My Nike Free, New York this time just for a change, my token purchase from Macy’s.  I haven’t seen this style here, I wish I’d bought a pair in every colour, so cheap & comfortable!   Cap is Billabong, bought in Bali.  Samantha Wills diamante bracelet from a set, & Lovisa oversized diamond studs.


25. Foxy Flats

Not really foxy, just wanted to show off my favourite flats!  Guess where from?  Nordstrom Rack in San Francisco!  They’re by Dirty Laundry.  They are cute & comfortable.  Can’t wait for summer to start wearing them!


26. Braid

Took it literally, got a little inspiration from Pinterest, voila!  Again, why don’t I do this stuff everyday!!??

Thanks for following my Style Dares!  How do you think I’m going?  Got a favourite look?  Anyone want to give me a Style Challenge?  No, I take that back, I’m joking!!

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