Spoilt Hair Retreat – Guest Post

December 28, 2014

Hi there Forty Up-ers, thanks for having me.  I’m always stoked to find new people to share my opinions with!

There’s something about summer in the salon (or perhaps summer in general) but at Spoilt Hair Retreat things really come alive this time of year and we love it.

Colours get brighter, party styles come out & the gossip gets juicier.  Already this season I’ve noticed some strong trends coming through which I think you’ll love.

Once again the bun is making a splash this summer although it seems to have moved about six inches down the head!  That’s right, the high top messy bun is out & the not so messy low bun is in!  These buns are so unpredictable!  Our clients are loving the bun more than ever & although slightly messy is in, we are seeing a much tamer version this summer.

Who doesn’t love a fishtail?  Turns out you don’t need hair a mile long for a cool fishtail, we’ve been doing some cool short hair styling with the fishtail braid & this is def a favourite this party season.

If you didn’t get the memo, curls are out & waves are in big time.  Soft vintage waves are definitely strong this season particularly for the “forty up” crowd!

And as our blondes get blonder & the skirts get shorter, ladies get a little more daring & it’s a blast experimenting with some fun & flirty pastel toners.

Thank you Forty Up for inviting me to stop by, hope my trend tips assist you in some positive styling choices this summer!

Elsa xx

You can find Elsa & the Spoilt Hair Retreat team (Tanya cut me my new fringe that I LOVE!) here & on Facebook.

Spoilt Hair Retreat, 40 Grantham Street, Wembley
9383 7060

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