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Skating on Thin Ice

July 10, 2014


Perth seems to getting better & better at hosting events for children in the City, especially on school holidays. Or maybe I only notice these events now that I have children!?

A friend & I took our little ones ice skating in the city at Perth’s Winter Wonderland in the Perth Cultural Centre this week.  The sessions are so popular that they get booked out in advance, so we were stoked that we could get tickets.

Perth was bunkering down through one of the worst storms of the year the day we had booked.  We all rugged up though and braved the wind, rain & hail!

Oaks & TJ, pros at nearly 7 years if age, took to the ice with gusto!  The D Man who is 3, used a Learn to Skate Penguin which meant both he and I could hold on to the Penguin’s handles and scoot around without losing our balance, perfect!  The D Man also had special skates with a double rail on the bottom making it easier to keep his balance.  The “big” girls and us Mums hired the traditional boot skates.

Each session is 45 minutes long and amazingly, we only had a light drizzle of rain during the whole time.  Oaks & TJ had a couple of spills, and even I went down once, I’ll blame Oaks, she was holding my hand at the time!  But in reality, the 45 minutes was just enough time for all of us.

The Lodge is a cool little pop up café set up outside the State Library, and offers free baby chinos for under 12’s with a skating ticket, but also mulled wine & warm winter cider for the grown ups, plus added bonus of gas heaters & protection from the rain, all so very European winter-ish!  The kids enjoyed Smartie cookies with their free baby chinos, very grown up.

Both the girls were drenched from their falls on the ice, so after a quick change we ran through the rain to Han’s Café in Northbridge for a plate of noodles (and a glass of vino for the Mums!).

Now I’m looking forward to our trip to the snow in Japan in the New Year and maybe some more ice skating!  Has anyone got any ideas for cool things to do in Japan with kids?

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