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February 2, 2016

So recently I’ve been made aware by reader comments, on Forty Up & on other blogs I read, that we are, perhaps a little defined by the models brands choose to advertise their clothes.

I guess this shouldn’t come as a shock, it’s no secret that advertisers will use pretty, young, skinny models to sell almost anything, especially fashion.  And I am not dismissing the fact that advertising needs to change & embrace all sizes, shapes, ages & race, but that’s a whole another post, not for today.

Today I’m talking about taking charge of where you shop & being brave!

I’m saddened that if the model selling us the clothing isn’t a reflection of us, that we might dismiss the brand & miss out on something we really love.

If we like the clothes, shouldn’t it not really matter that they’re being advertised & worn by a skinny 20 something?  Shouldn’t at the age & size we are now, be confident in what looks good & feels good on us, regardless of how a brand sells the product to us?

I’m not telling you to go out there, all mutton dressed up as lamb, but what I am telling you, is that you see a jacket in the Sportsgirl window that you love, don’t be put off by the fact that it’s in Sportsgirl, Dotti, Kookai or Forever New – or any other “young” store.  Don’t be put off by the thumping tunes, bright lights & sales girls young enough to be your daughter.  Go in there, try it on & I bet you’ll love it!  Rummage through those racks, scour those websites, there’s bargains & beautiful items out there, just waiting un-judgementally just for you!

Similarly, don’t dismiss brands you think are too “granny-ish”!  Stores like Sportscraft, Katies & Flower have some awesome pieces that are great for all ages.  Go against type ladies!!!

Nikki Parkinson over at Styling You, took part in a great initiative by Katies to involve women of all ages in their modelling campaign.

Nikki’s Model & Me series is another perfect example of how different an item of clothing can look in contrast to the model.  And believe me, Nikki usually looks better than the model!

Here’s an example taken from Nikki’s series, Nikki is on the right if you are unfamiliar with her work!  See how great that Leona Edmiston dress looks on Nikki – she totally rocks it!  And, it is highly likely that you may have dismissed that dress as wrong for you if you had taken it from the model pic alone.  Am I right?

Styling You

Image courtesy of Styling You

Model & Me

And here’s me, playing a little Model & Me myself.

This Whitney Dress from Boo Hoo although a possible wardrobe staple for any age, size or shape, especially at $50, might have been dismissed by you because it’s from Boo Hoo, typically a younger online store.  But believe me, get past the marketing & the models & you might just find some styles you love that you’d never normally try.

And one of my fave babes who knows what suits her & goes for it is Jenni from Styling Curvy.  She’s written a great post here for the “curvy girl” without worrying what the models in the pics look like.

Jenni very kindly agreed to let me use a pic of her in her amazingly gorgeous Camilla frock – my 8 year old just walked in & told me that Jenni looked soooo much better than the model!!!  Are we getting the idea here ladies?

Styling Curvy

Image courtesy of Styling Curvy

I’ll leave you with a few of my fave pieces that I’ve purchased from stores geared toward the younger demographic – funnily enough they are pieces that I always get positive comments on!

Model & Me

L-R: Jacket by Dotti, Dress by BooHoo, Tee & Pants by Sportsgirl, Jacket by Sportsgirl, Dress by Roxy & Boots by ASOS (all non current)

So, this month I give you a challenge, give a store a go that you wouldn’t normally.  Look past the model in the photo or the mannequin in the window & actually try some of the clothing on for yourself – let me know what you find! 





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