Send Help…..And Soup!

August 29, 2016

Send help

I wanted to write a post telling you all about my healthy new life style.  How changing my diet had made me feel lighter, stronger & healthier.  I wanted to tell you that I had committed to 30 minutes a day (courtesy of Mr Sam Wood #notsponsored) of exercise & was feeling the benefits both mentally & physically.  I was on a whole pretty darn chuffed with myself that I’d made a commitment, stuck to it & was feeling the benefits not just with me but throughout my family.

Then I got this bloody flu.  A virus my GP tells me, as she has told all other 3 members of my family over the course of the week.  No antibiotics.  No school, no work, just rest.

I’m heading into my third week of feeling really shithouse.

My youngest came down with it first.  That frantic call of Mummy in the wee hours of a Monday morning.  He’s sweating, he’s burning all over, he’s sobbing.  And so it begins.  By Tuesday morning his fever hasn’t waned, his eyes are red, I mean red, his face is swollen.  A rushed trip to the GP to tell me it’s a virus, he’ll need a week off, alternate with Paracetamol & whatever the other one is every 3 hours.  Keep him hydrated.  Treat his conjunctivis with a cream I need to apply to his eyeballs…..

The D-Man is a great sick kid.  He loves nothing more than snuggling on the couch, will watch endless TV interspersed with couch naps, guzzles medicine without complaint & is calm & quiet.

Three days later, it’s Census night, I’m excited because I love a form!  Unfortunately by 8pm I am in bed.  I’m shaking, I’m freezing cold but sweating.  Every muscle & limb in my body aches.  I am dying.  I am sure I’m dying.  Lucky for me, the Census is a disaster & I sleep.  I don’t get out of bed for 3 days.  Other than to look after The D-Man.  I move him onto the couch in the front room & put a mattress on the floor so we can lie together & commiserate.

It’s Thursday, did I mention Mr D is working away?  I think it’s the only thing that’s going to save him as Oaks gets up, well, actually doesn’t get up & can’t get out of bed Thursday morning.

So now I have both the kids home sick & I’m still bed ridden.  My Mum offers to come round, I tell her to send soup, leave it at the front door & get out of our vicinity as quickly as possible, do not enter!!

The good news is The D-Man is on the mend, but still not able to get back to school.

Oaks is not the perfect patient that her little brother is.  She resists any form of medication, preferring to moan long & loud from the comfort of her room, sobbing that her eyes are sore as she watches another YouTube video on the IPad.  The IPad is confiscated, I move her into the sick room (our lounge at the front of the house) to join her brother & I.  She is borderline hysterical in her fever & misery.  I resort to force feeding her medicine in a syringe.  It is more for my own sanity than hers.

I bribe them with DVDS & Foxtel downloads so I can sleep.

None of us has eaten more than fruit, toast & my Mum’s soup for a week.  We are the house from Hell.  I consider momentarily how much weight I might have lost….

Mr D comes home Sunday.  He wakes up Monday morning unable to get out of bed.  This thing moves fast.

Thankfully both the kids are back at school on Monday so I am able to leave Mr Man-Flu in the house alone, god forbid he cope with other sick people in his near vicinity.  (A Mother’s work is never done).

And here I am, nearly 3 weeks later, with a hurking cough a head full of so much snot it hurts to turn my head.

My careful meal planning & food preparation is out the door.  I am now eating whatever I bloody want just to get my strength back.  The most exercise I can manage is walking the kids to & from school each day.

Did my 3 months of clean living help me avoid the Flu?  No it did not.  I’m disappointed that I’m back at square one & those months are just gone.  I will get back into it though, because this post has reminded me of how good I felt before I got sick.

Hats off to those of you who live with sickness & illness all the time.  It’s nasty to feel shit constantly.  It’s just so defeating.

So off I go to take my Olive Leaf Extract & my Echinacea & hope that tomorrow is a better day.  Quite literally, better.

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