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I Am Not A Skinny Little Bitch

March 29, 2017

Body Shaming

This is just some musings from me today.  I’ve had a bit of time reading all the BIG news & I feel like I need to put in my two cents worth.

What’s with the body shaming???!!!

I have always been skinny.

Skinny is not the word I would have chosen to describe myself over the years, but it’s a word that’s been bandied about (& a lot of others that aren’t as cute I might add), when people have described me.  I would prefer to use the word, slight.

Yes, I’m lucky.  I’ve never had to work hard at keeping off the kilos, I did spend my teenage years blissfully consuming pizza & Coke on mass. I only played Netball because it was fun & I’ve never owned a set of scales.

This doesn’t mean that I’m a bad person.

Over the years I have received so many comments meant as compliments.  Or were actually nasty, but were somehow ok, because being skinny is my bad.

“You’ve got no arse”, that’s an awesome one for a 23 year old to be told by a spunky guy at a party.

“Pity about the sunken chest”.

And even, “you look like you haven’t eaten for a month”.

All from guys I should add, and yep, sadly I can remember each & every one of those comments.

In high school one of my classmates suffering sadly & deliberately from an eating disorder told me on the netball court that she wish she looked like me.  I cried.

Just last week, the lady next to me at Pilates looks over at me & says, “Like you need to be here!  If I was you, I wouldn’t come anywhere near this place!”

She said it with a big smile on her face, she was joking, it was a compliment.

But just like poor old Rebecca Twigley who gets accused of not eating on a daily basis by 60 year old women,  & just like The Biggest Loser competitor who “only” weighs 78kg & don’t even get me started on Chrissie Swan taking her kids to McDonalds, WE ARE ALL PEOPLE!  We don’t need to be nasty to each other!  We need to support each other, compliment each other & sometimes, just mind your own business & get on with your own life!

We are all women & we are all different.

We should know so much better by now.  If you are happy, then so be it, no matter what your size, no matter how hard you work out or what you eat.  Let’s support those who want to do better.

Yes, I am lucky to be naturally thin, although I do have to work at that a little harder these days, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be conscious of my body.

I still want to be healthy.

I want my body to last me long enough to see my Grandchildren.

I want it to be able to take me on journeys where ever the hell I want to go.

I want to be able to play chasey with my kids.

I want to look in the mirror & be proud of what I see.  And I am.  And you should be too.

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