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Right Here, Right Now – This Week, June 2015

July 5, 2015


This week june 2015 - Instagram pictures with Forty UpIt’s been a busy week here with me.

Essentially I’ve gone back to work two days a week for the first time this year, which is forcing me to reconsider & re-evaluate what I need to get & want to get done in between those days.  I can hear the collective eye roll as you all get out your little baby violins to play for me…. but I am finding it hard to fit it all in – the kids, work, my blog, friends.  There’s never enough time in the day!

And there isn’t much worse after a long day, when you finally sit down on the couch for some mindless TV, a glass of vino & some chocolate, only to discover that the Chocolate Bullets you bought were in fact STRAWBERRY!!!!!!  What the???!!  It’s called devastation!

Mr D & I made a couple of hours free last Sunday & headed down to Scarborough for a some dinner & a drink.  I enjoyed a particularly yummy Bloody Mary at The Torch Bar & some pizza, very romantic!

A quick stop at our local bottle shop on the way home, naturally!  A chance for me to show off my latest purchase, my Wayne Cooper coat (on sale in Myer) – cosy!

Because it’s officially tax time, Mr D will be working pretty much 24/7.  We will miss him in a great many ways over the next 3 months.  We have made it a priority to do something as a family at least once over each weekend during this time.

We headed out to Braithwaite Park in Mount Hawthorn, possibly with most of the Northern Suburbs population on Sunday.  The park is newly opened & is a gorgeous nature based playground with a huge Flying Fox, (that seemed to keep all the Dads busy!  Catching & retrieving, not swinging…).  Well worth a visit if you’ve got kids on the littler side.

After the park we headed off to Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodle Bar in Northbridge for lunch time noodles!  Ramen is a favourite with our whole family & I’d been dying to try Lucky Chan’s for a while.  They didn’t have a kids menu, but they very kindly split the chicken ramen into two bowls for the kids, which as you can see from the picture of The D-Man, went down a treat!  Would love to head back here for dinner one evening sans kids.

Ah Winter – it means loads of inside rainy day pre-school activities.  The D-Man & I both love play doh & this waffle set his Uncle & Aunt gave him after a trip to Thailand last year is always a winner.  Who doesn’t love waffles???

A bit of summer sun on the weekend meant I got to try on my new Fabrik shirt (which I was lucky enough to pick up on sale) super cute & so pretty!

Monochrome Monday is an Instagram challenge I love over on Teacher Style.  This meant jeans & Black Converse this week – too easy!

I’ve been attempting to achieve just the right look for my Master bedroom for what seems forever.  Think I might have finally nailed it with this The Raw Co mandala throw & Country Road cushion.  And check out my Alma Custom Designs Print – the “S” was meant for Mr D’s side, but I like it so much I think I might keep it……

If you don’t follow me over on Instagram, I get it!  There’s enough going on without more social media taking up your precious time.  But if you don’t & would like to see more of my pretty pictures, you can follow me here.

What’s your Right Here, Right Now looking like this week?  I’d love to hear all about it!

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