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Packing for Bali – My Suitcase Exposed!

May 28, 2015

I’ll be in Bali for a whole week with 7 of my oldest & most fantastic friends this week!  Eeek!  Contained squeal of delight!  I’ve been over prepping as usual & am using Forty Up as a place to test my Packing List for this trip.

Here’s what we know:

Bali is hot & humid: Loose fitting, breathable materials are a must.

If there is shopping to be done, there is loads of walking, more often than not on broken, beat up footpaths while dodging traffic & stray dogs: Flat, comfortable shoes are a must, leave the heels at home!

There are over the top glamorous restaurants & bars: A fun, flirty dress & pants are go to evening wear dressed up with statement jewellery.

There is quality time spent by the pool &  in the pool: Comfortable swimmers, preferably no less than 2 pairs so you always have a set dry!

There are walks on the beach, eating & drinking on the beach & swimming in the waves: Kaftan, shirt dress or whatever you like to throw on over your bathers & a hat.

This can make for a potentially hazardous wardrobe count!!  And don’t forget to leave plenty of space in your luggage for lots of Bali shopping purchases!!

Hopefully what I’ve chosen here will fulfil this brief, remember to take items that you can use for many different looks.

Let’s take a look as I break my packing down into 4 Sets.

 Packing for Bali - What to wear with Forty UP Set 1.  Your Basics, comfy, go to pieces that you can mix & match.
Packing for bali - what to wear with Forty UP

Set 2.  Time to dress up those basics!  Shorts & shoes from Set 1, add in a cute kimono, camisole, flirty skirt & an easy dress & you’ve got a whole new look.

 Packing for bali - What to wear with Forty UP

Set 3.  Time to get glam Bali style – keep it simple!  Using those same shoes, our camisole & jewellery from previous Sets.  Add in a flowy maxi, some tropical print pants & a cute cocktail dress & you’re good to go!

Packing for balie - What to wear with Forty Up

Set 4.  Your fave cossies, a kaftan & a sun dress – using those Havaianas from Set 1.

(all items listed here on my Polyvore account).


What do you think?  Have I got all bases covered?!  Now to think about what to wear to the airport when it’s only 10 degrees outside & you’re heading for the tropics, I’m thinking layers???!!!

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