Our Reno, the Saga Continues….

October 7, 2014
A little while ago I showed you the house we purchased nearly a year ago & how it looked when we bought it.  I thought I’d show you a bit of the renovating process & how it’s shaping up now.
So this is our Family Room, the 70s/80s add on to the original home.  Notice the original back exterior wall of the house with the painted pipe work still on the wall – that window is to the bathroom.  We rendered all the face brick, added lighting & ceiling fans, coat of paint & some sheer curtains.  It’s not an ideal space, lots of doors & not much wall space!  You can see we have kept the original tiles, that’s a really big job for another day! 

Here’s how it’s looking now.

It’s bright & simple, perfect for snacking at the coffee table or catching up on some TV on the couch.  It’s all about kids in here!

Onto the Lounge Room, or as Mr D & I like to call it, the Kid Free Zone!  Wallpaper came down & walls & ceilings were painted.  We put up new roller blinds on the cheap, new lighting & installed a new air conditioner, which meant the old one coming out & leaving us with a ginormous hole!!  The carpet came up too & we had the floorboards patched & polished – don’t they look at treat!?

Mr D & I spend our evenings in here, after dinner & the kids are in bed, we sit in this room & watch TV, catch up on our reading & chat.  And eat chocolate!  I’m pretty happy with how this room is shaping up.  It still needs some more artwork, or even some wallpaper as a feature in the dining room?
Have you done any renovating or decorating?  Any tips? 

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