Are We There Yet?!

May 14, 2014

The excitement was high as we met at Perth International airport on Sunday night for our flight on Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong, and then on to NY.

The fact our flight was delayed by an hour didn’t dampen our spirits! The fact we stood at the ticket desk for 45 minutes while they sorted our seats & changed our onward flights didn’t dampen our spirits! The plane being delayed a further hour did start to dampen our spirits a little…it was now 2am.

Once we arrived at Hong Kong airport we waited the long five hours, shopping, eating & drinking and waiting for our New York flight!

We were split into groups of twos on the plane and settled down into our seats. Aly & Lins were stoked with their seat by the toilet. Lizzie & I had a window seat, but we were surrounded by kids & a lady who filled multiple shopping bags with spew at about 4am in the row next to us. Liza & Mel were lucky, tucked into a back corner, protected from the craziness throughout the 15 hour flight.

Fifteen hours later we touched down at JFK Airport.  At last, we had arrived!


Ready to go at Perth Airport



Biding our time at Hong Kong Airport


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